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Here you are, using several different marketing tools in order to drive traffic to your website, but something is just not connecting and pulling in viewers to improve your conversion rates! What’s missing? The useful tool for creating leads – the landing page.

While creating a goal to a significant number in conversions, the best way to start your strategy is through creating a pathway to conversion. One great way to assist in the path while also creating customer leads is through landing pages. The landing page will interchangeably provide information while simultaneously receiving potential client details in an attempt to turn a viewer into a customer.

What Is A Landing Page?

Let’s break it down – a landing page is a web page in which you can gain customer information through a conversion form. When done efficiently, landing pages are built specifically to draw and speak directly to the market in which you are targeting.

How Does It Work?

Pretend that you are in the business of building and creating swimming pools. Upon searching for a company to assist in the decision on what company I should use to construct this pool, my Google search brought me to you. I read through your beautiful homepage all the way until I happened upon a Call To Action (CTA) offering a discount! So I click on the link and now I have been brought to your landing page that is filled with all detailed and necessary information to support your CTA, while also supporting my search my choice for your pool company. I fill in the information asked of me for the discount, and instantly I have become a potential client for your company.

On your website or blog, if you create all of the appropriate information relative to consumer needs, and then support your website with a Call To Action (CTA) then the viewer can click and be led to the landing page where they become more informed, and a viewer on the pathway to conversion.

How Do I Make It Work?

Similar to any content you create, it all starts with the headline. This is the first thing a customer sees. As soon as your audience arrives on your landing page you are given seconds to impress and convince your audience to participate. Stick to the three C’s – Clear, Concise, and Clever.

Throughout your landing page, it’s important that all information is put simply and clearly while making it nearly impossible for them to leave your page with questions in mind. Eliminate all possibilities of confusion, as the second a viewer becomes confused, that is the very second they abandon your site.

Create a landing page that remains easy to navigate through, especially when the viewer is asked to provide any information. But also, make it interactive. It’s been proven that interactive sites, whether it be through a comment section, social media links, or direct link to real live specialists create high rates of conversion.

With these few tips and suggestions, get started creating your pathway to higher conversion rates with a landing page as a stop along the way.

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