Our Dedicated Monitoring Team Provides Proactive Server Management

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In one corner of the Liquid Web™ data centers, a very dedicated group of people sit working around the clock with one purpose: to catch any issues on our customers’ servers before they become full-grown problems. We’re talking, of course, about our Sonar Monitoring™ team.

This team’s sole focus is providing service reliability and immediate incident resolution. Liquid Web™ surpasses many other web hosts with our proactive monitoring team that is devoted to monitoring and managing your dedicated hosting or VPS Hosting server’s health.
Liquid Web Sonar Monitoring™ Team

Our Sonar Monitoring™ team focuses on the prevention of, as well as immediate response to, service interruptions, whether they bae software, hardware, or network-related. This is accomplished by utilizing a robust set of proprietary system level health and service monitoring tools to constantly ensure your server’s optimal performance through the early detection of problems.

In the event that an issue is identified, our Sonar Monitoring™ Team responds immediately, reducing downtime and repairing any issues proactively, in many cases before the client is even aware of the problem. Because of their quick responses, our Sonar team also enables us to provide the industry’s leading 30-minute hardware replacement SLA.

The Sonar Monitoring™ team provides the following services:

Liquid Web Sonar Monitoring™

With the bulk of service failures prevented, and nearly all remaining service failures corrected within minutes, the team operates as a persistent proactive manager of client service consistency. Without Liquid Web Sonar™, service failures or severe service degradation lead to reactive support. This results in restorations that are initiated without a clear understanding of how to repair the base cause.

Our Sonar Monitoring™ Team eliminates this issue by carefully evaluating all critical statistics leading to the failure and therefore solves problems that could live for many months even with the most vigilant competing managed providers.

One of those statistics is your server’s bandwidth. Not only does our Sonar Monitoring™ Team watch this data as part of their work keeping your services up and available, but you can monitor it too. To learn how to read bandwidth graphs for your server, visit our Knowledge Base. These graphs can be used to give you a general idea of traffic patterns and the amount of data you are distributing, as well as alert you to any sudden spikes or troughs in usage.

Working hand in hand with our Sonar Monitoring™ is our DDoS mitigation service. Through this service, Liquid Web™ not only monitors your traffic 24/7 and spots a DDoS attack as it begins, but we also have the tools to mitigate it. The combination of these two services provides our clients with a unique and powerful shield that can transform the potential for complete shut-down into minimal, if any, downtime.

At the end of the day, our customers’ servers are up and healthy, through the efforts of our 24/7 Sonar Monitoring™ team. Our proactive approach means we’ll spot a problem before it takes your site down – and in most cases have it fixed before you’re even aware it existed. Our Sonar Monitoring is just another facet of our top-notch Support Team to ensure your server is responsive at all times.

For current customers, Sonar™ can be accessed through Liquid Web’s™ management interface.

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