New Year's Resolution for Your Website

It’s that time of year where people everywhere examine their year, and vow to make the next exceptionally improved. While most can set the goals and manage without completely fulfilling them, your business and website exists with a different standard. A new year means new trends – new trends in design, new trends in customer communication, new trends in channels and so much more. With all of these website evolutions also comes a vulnerable holiday time where website maintenance may not seem to be a priority, and therefore, a weakness for hackers to prey on. As the New Year comes right at us, a New Year’s resolution is a perfect first step for your start in 2015.


Password and Security Maintenance

It is always a good practice to continuously update and change passwords. Look through all of your passwords, and change them up to be more challenging as to protect your data from easy attacks. It can’t be expressed how important this is. There are whole seminars on creating effective passwords. Also, never use the same password for multiple logins. This may seem excessive, but it’s necessary. A great tool to use is to download a password manager. This will secure your passwords and synchronize them for safer access to your accounts, apps, and websites.


Social Media Strategy

There is nothing that changes and evolves quite as fast and as frequently as social media. It has become more important than ever to focus on which social media platforms your company is participating on and how you are participating on them. Honestly, no platform is just for children or teenagers anymore. The many faces of social media are crucial to the health of your website or business. For instance, Snapchat is an application that seems only viable to younger generations. However, businesses are now taking action on this social media application, making this app a multi-billion dollar product and marketing tool. Study social media, and study how your target customers and current customers use these platforms.


Market for the People

Too often, businesses are using their marketing strategy as a way to establish their brand while creating credibility for their products. While logically this all seems rational, however, in this technological age, customers just want you to present yourself on a human level. Market to solve a potential customer’s issue. Focus less on the “this is what we are good at and this is how good we’ve done it” and focus more on the “giving you what you need when you need it”. Create a message with more “you” and less “we”.


Optimize for Tablet

In 2014, Apple sold 68 million iPads and it is projected that roughly 41% of Americans use their smartphone or tablets in place of a television or computer. The fact is that if you are not operating a mobile or tablet optimized website, then your website might as well not as exist. In 2015, this will progress beyond tablets and smartphones. Stay ahead of the technology trend and consumer needs.

In a fast paced society engulfed in a quickly evolving technology culture, every year brings new opportunities on a bigger scale. Focus and study new trends as they come, and they will come quick. Here’s to a great New Year!


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