Which Intel Xeon Dedicated Server Should You Choose for Your Business?

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The industry is growing, your business is growing, and Liquid Web’s hardware offerings are changing to keep up. Liquid Web is happy to announce new offerings under our standard US Zone Dedicated Server packages featuring the Intel Xeon E3-1230 V6, Intel Xeon Silver 4108, and Intel Xeon Gold 6130, all coupled with fully integrated motherboards.

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Intel Xeon E3-1230 Dedicated Server

The E3 line has been around for several years now and has continued to outrank the other processors in its class, both in performance and value. Even though this chipset is currently the smallest of Intel’s product offerings to boast hyperthreading, the performance is exceptional. Even with only four cores, the eight threads offer processing power to maintain great computational performance across your production environment. Intel also removed the integrated graphics unit from this product, unnecessary in a server environment, which allows us to keep the price point very competitive.

The Intel Xeon E3-1230 V6 is an ideal offering for our clients with a business model focused on incoming traffic. The 1230 package, featuring 16GB of RAM and 2x 240GB of SSD storage, all coupled with the seamlessly integrated motherboard and processor combination, allows for enough processing power to handle high-traffic websites, small application processing, or multiple website platforms — which makes this package great for resellers.

Intel Xeon Silver 4108 Dedicated Server

The Intel Xeon Silver 4108 showcases a fully hyperthreaded, eight-core processor with 16 logical threads, which is perfect for database read/writes and application hosting or setups that require more processing than the average website. Coupling this processor with 32GB of RAM and 2x 480GB SSD drives makes this offering perfect for a reseller looking to maximize capacity across a single device.

And, if the processing power wasn’t enough (thanks to the motherboard integration) the package can be ordered with dual sockets effectively leveraging two Xeon Silver 4108 processors simultaneously and doubling the processing capacity. Further, the 4108 sports Intel’s Turbo Boost technology, which dynamically increases processor capacity to the utmost of the immediate environmental tolerances.

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Intel Xeon Gold 6130 Dedicated Server

Intel’s Xeon Gold 6130 offers all the benefits and perks of the 4108 and the 1230, including hyperthreading, Turbo Boost technology, a fully integrated motherboard with dual-socket options, and a great price point; but the 6130 defaults to 16 cores, a total of 32 threads. This processor is the top-tier offering across the industry and packs a benchmark that blows away your standard packages in hosting. That type of processing power, along with two 480GB SSD drives and 32GB of RAM, makes this precisely what our clients need who focus on large databases, multi-user applications, and virtualization: speed, efficiency, and processing power strong enough to eliminate the necessity for multi-server modules and reduce complexity with many applications.

As always, all our offerings come standard with 5/8/8TB bandwidth packages, respectively, and a backup disk to offer peace of mind in the case of a catastrophic event. Finally, all these offerings can be fully customized to match your personal management preference and can include matching off-site backups and our polished Server Protection and Malware Remediation products, keeping your server secure and running smoothly.

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