New Substation Provides More Power to our Data Center

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New Substation Under Construction

Substation Construction Continues Throughout Summer

New Substation Nears Completion

The skyline to the east of our Data Center 3 has been slowly changing over this summer. Our local power utility, the Lansing Board of Water and Light, has been building a new substation just off our property. This new substation, while not built specifically for Liquid Web, nonetheless provides many benefits to us and our customers. With a substation a mere few yards from our third and largest data center, we can minimize power outages that might occur and increase our capacity for additional servers as we grow.

The new substation connects to our data center via a line that will come online late in the Fall of 2014. While our data centers already have circuits running from other substations in the area, this new substation will increase our fuse amperage and allow us to support many more servers – and more customers.

In addition to the increase in power, having a substation so close to our property provides fewer opportunities for outages. Not only is the power line underground and encased in concrete, protecting it from the elements and other potential negative influences, but its proximity is also encouraging. Statistics show that the majority of power outages happen on the line between the substation and the final destination, a data center for example. The power line only stretches little more than the length of a football field in total from this substation and our data center.

We’ve been excited to watch this substation come together as the summer progresses and are eager to utilize the power we will receive when it comes online late this Fall. More power routed to our data centers means we will have more capacity for servers, room for more growth, and more opportunities to provide our customers with Heroic Support®.

If you’d like to learn more about how we plan our power systems to boost our customer’s hosting environments, let us know.

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