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New Affiliate Program – Joining Forces with CJ Affiliate by Conversant

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CJ Affiliate by Conversant

Liquid Web’s current Affiliate Program is undergoing some exciting changes. We are expanding the Liquid Web Affiliate Program by joining forces with CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction), one of the top affiliate networks in the industry. 

Melanie, The Liquid Web Affiliate ManagerBecoming a part of this highly-respected affiliate network allows us to provide our affiliate partners with more benefits than ever before.

Our Affiliate Manager, Melanie Purkis, explained how our affiliate partners will prosper in the new program.

“Our new Affiliate Program gives our partners a very robust interface to track all facets of their activity online and allows them to consolidate all of their advertisers under one account,” Purkis said. “This makes it a great tool for an affiliate who has multiple industries they sell for and makes managing their revenue a lot more convenient.”

Working with CJ Affiliate was a natural choice for Liquid Web, especially since many of our current affiliate partners already use the network for other affiliate programs. In addition, the CJ Affiliate interface provides a number of new advantages to our affiliate partners. Not to worry, the new program will still offer many of the same convenient features as our current In-House Program.

Benefits of Liquid Web’s New Affiliate Program:

  • Track impressions, clicks, leads and sales
  • Review earnings per click and conversion rates
  • Consolidate multiple advertisers under one account
  • Easy access to Liquid Web’s banners and other media
  • Automatic payments
  • Free & easy account sign up

Despite all the changes happening with our new program, our current In-House Affiliate Program will remain unchanged to accommodate our partners who wish to continue using the legacy program. The In-House program will still offer the same commissions for dedicated and Storm hosting referrals, as well as hosting credit as an alternative to monetary commission. The In-House program will also continue to allow for word-of-mouth referrals in addition to the traditional referrals through links and banner clicks.

We have built a reputation upon providing the most lucrative affiliate program in the web hosting industry with our dedication to fair compensation for all of our partners, large or small. We are confident that expanding our program to include the CJ Affiliate network will only further improve our program’s reputation and we look forward to working with many new affiliate partners as they join.

If you’d like to learn more about our new Affiliate Program, feel free to contact our Affiliate Manager, Melanie Purkis, at 1.800.580.4985, ext 2481.

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