Hot Tip: Add This WooCommerce Plugin to Minimize Cart Abandonment

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There are many things I love about the WordPress community, but one of my favorite aspects is the collaboration found in our community, with a perfect example being Joe Casabona‘s latest plugin “WooCommerce Product Cart Title.”

I spoke with him last week about the release of this plugin and he said he actually had the idea a year ago at the Famous CaboPress when speaking to Shawn Hesketh and Mendel Kurland. They were talking about how they work hard to portray the value of their products to potential customers, but when they get to the checkout page that same value isn’t displayed. In their eyes, the absence of the product’s value in the checkout page could also lead to why some of their potential customers were abandoning their carts. According to the plugin page,

The idea is that once a user gets to the cart page, viewing only the product title without any of the benefits makes it less likely for them to click the buy button. This plugin adds a single metabox to the product pages called “Cart Title.” Here you can add a new title that shows the benefits of your product, right in the cart.

It may sound obvious that a product title is important for converting visitors to your store into sales, but not everyone understands the nuances. Just like says: In eCommerce, your product titles are the voice of your digital salesperson.  They need to specify what you offer and spark interest in shoppers.

Product titles are used in Google’s, Amazon’s and other eCommerce retailers algorithms to help customers find your products. This great article shares excellent advice on creating product titles. Here are the three main takeaways:

A smart seller must remember that a listing title has at least three functions

  • It gives the first impression about you and your item right from the listings page or the search results.
  • It provides the main keywords used by search engines that let your buyers find your products. Here we are talking about the internal search tools in a marketplace like eBay as well as external engines like Google that search within eBay.
  • If you use a modern listing tool, the software will use your title to list your item in the correct product category.

Product titles create the first impression for a product. So if they’re confusing, too wordy, or poorly formatted, it may jeopardize the sale. That begs the question – if product titles are so important for customers to find your products and make their purchase, then why do some eCommerce solutions, including WooCommerce, not include the titles on the checkout page?

Product Titles are Now Better

This is the exact question that Joe, Shawn and Mendel were discussing at CaboPress when Joe had the idea to create the solution. Now with a simple and free plugin called “WooCommerce Product Cart Title,” that problem is solved.

One of my favorite things about Joe’s latest plugins is it really is simple to use. You can see how he made this so straightforward.

WooCommerce Product Title Screenshot

He even has some great ideas for premium features on his future roadmap including A/B testing for product titles. So, let Joe know if you want to see more on this plugin!

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