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What is Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Security?

MDR, in the world of security, stands for Managed Detection and Response. MDR Security is a cybersecurity service that identifies suspicious activities and malware in your network system. It helps in detecting cyber threats that can put your confidentiality at risk. It further eliminates those security threats and safeguards the data. 

The average time in which threats are discovered in the systems is about 200 days. However, due to the fast pace of MDR, these threats are identified within a few hours. It is designed to protect the confidential details and data of any organization that can benefit its competitors. 

Other tools such as CI Security's rapid quarantine solution has been offered by MDR providers. It manages each aspect of response whenever any incident happens.

Why is MDR Security Incredibly Important?

MDR security has become essential due to work from home practices. Managed detection and response provides a wide range of cloud management security for companies that need security services 24/7. We have listed some of the many security challenges due to which individuals can understand the dynamics of rising security issues and how they can prepare for them. 

Establish Excellent WFH (Work from Home) Practices

In the current global pandemic situation, it's pretty sensible to assume that around 30% of the population has been working from home. So even though work from home has given several advantages to business companies, using the right tools can significantly boost their growth. 

While working from home, employees have also faced several threats and cyber attacks. Hence, MDR is vital for the protection of remote endpoints that the employees access

Efficient Threat Intelligence

MDR security can easily differentiate between real and false threats. Organizations don't have to worry about false alarms. MDR has efficient threat intelligence due to a combination of sophisticated monitoring technologies. MDR service includes the following technologies: 

  • Security Information and Event Management: It analyses the data for threat detection.
  • Network Traffic Analysis: It monitors the networks and analyzes the traffic. 
  • Endpoint Protection Platform: It behaves as the first line of defense and protects the platform.
  • Intrusion Detection System: It scans the network for suspicious activities. 

Prevention of Ransomware Attacks 

Ransomware is malicious software that can reach throughout a network and expose or corrupt your data. These attacks can also be made by phishing emails or links that will hijack your data. MDR security protects your data from the execution of ransomware attacks

Top 5 Benefits of Having MDR Security

Here's the list of the top five benefits of having MDR security:

1. Dynamic Threat Landscape

Cyber threats are increasing day by day, especially from hijacked artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Since IoT and AI have multiple attack surfaces and don't have standard security, cyber attackers can find a way to exploit them. 

To combat this, MDR security will identify different threats and eliminate them by:

  • Analyzing the traffic and network system.
  • Scanning the network for suspicious activities.
  • Displaying emerging threats that can cause big problems.

These emerging threats can include malware found in the endpoint of a system.

2. Data Protection

Business organizations store, transfer, and work daily with large amounts of different data and information, and even a tiny leakage of data can cause harm to the company. Also, this massive load of data causes difficulties with data management and protection. 

MDR security helps in processing and managing risks and threats across all the endpoints, clouds, and whole environments. 

3. Experienced Proactive Monitoring Security Operations Center (SOC) Analysts

MDR tightens the security platforms for organizations. With their experienced security operations center (SOC) analysts, the upcoming threats are managed and eliminated quickly. These SOC analysts are trained in computer engineering, cryptography, network engineering, or computer science. They may also have credentials such as CISSP or GIAC and offer 24/7 monitoring

4. Threat Overview

A threat activity dashboard is a necessity for any business organization. Such a dashboard will provide complete details about every aspect of threats attacking the system. In addition, MDR security offers border context around threats, increasing the precision and accuracy of incident responses

Global Cyber Security or Critical Risk Dashboard

Global Cyber Security or Critical Risk Dashboard example. Image source.

5. Insider Threat Management

Most horrifying incidents occur due to the challenge of insider threats. These are threats posed by individuals who have access to the network systems within the organization. Hence, they can cause far more damage than any individual who isn't linked with the organization. Therefore, without the management of insider threats, organizations are vulnerable.

MDR security provides many identity and access management solutions. It monitors the behavior of all the staff and employees who have access to confidential data. 

5 Ways Security Issues Are Solved With MDR Security

With the latest technologies, cyber attacks are rising each day. Therefore, organizations are struggling to maintain their security management, so MDR has become a necessity.

Here are the five ways in which MDR solves network security issues. You can also check the latest security trends that you must know to protect your websites. 

1. Collection of Threats

MDR observes all traffic flowing through the entire network. It uses security information and event management (SIEM) and intrusion detection system (IDS) tools to collect threats. It constantly hunts for suspicious activities across all the traffic coming through. 

With the help of real-time monitoring and correlation, it detects all known and unknown threats. Unknown threats are malicious codes that are rare and have never been seen before, further reducing the average time needed to identify threats, so that you can react quickly to different types of cyber attacks.

2. Identification of Threats

Unprotected software and systems are the best treats for hackers. With the help of MDR, regular scans check for vulnerabilities within active networks. It also identifies the weak points in the system and will highlight them, minimizing the chances of exploitation. 

3. Analyzation of Threats

MDR uses forensic analysis to reveal any malware activity in the system. It also examines and analyzes the data so that you can identify an upcoming attack or suspicious pattern. Further, it tightens the security of data and scrutinizes data for various categories of threats. 

4. Response

When any threat is detected, MDR security performs an analysis. Alert notifications are then sent to the officials and the SOC analysts. It provides the SOC team the chance to act rapidly and handle the situation well. The root cause of the breach is then discovered, and the threat is eliminated before it can harm the files and data. 

5. Compliance

MDR can produce actual compliance reports for an extensive range of compliance standards such as PCI, HIPAA, NERC, CIP, SOX, GDPR, and much more. It detects the potential breaches early so that they can be addressed. MDR collects log and event data from across the organization and presents it in an easy-to-read document. 

Why Choose Alert Logic and Liquid Web

At Liquid Web, we know that our customers want to have secure hosting services, which is why we teamed up with Alert Logic.

Alert Logic Security & Compliance Suite is an inclusive, end-to-end security and compliance solution that will provide details about threat detection and scan the entire network for any security threat. It includes real-time reporting, 24/7 monitoring, and remediation management. It will also help in reducing the risks of cyber attacks to your business with tight security. 

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