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Liquid Web is home to the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting. And we wouldn’t be able to make this claim without the men and women that work behind the scenes to ensure your hosting is fast, reliable and highly available.Matthew Matson

Meet a Helpful Human from Liquid Web:

Meet Matthew

AKA Matson. He works on our Partner Program team, onboarding new partners, building solutions and ensuring our partner’s success.

Q: Why did you join Liquid Web?

A: I wanted to work in the tech industry, and hearing about Liquid Web being local (Lansing) was a blessing. I wanted to be part of a heroic team environment and gain more knowledge about the hosting industry.

Being part of the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting is all about going above and beyond regular customer service. But to go above that, you have to be a Hero. Heroes are always remembered and leave a lasting impression on clients that keep them clients for years to come.

Act a Hero and Become a Legend, because legends never die.

Q: Is there something specific at Liquid Web that you love?

A: I love the people (aka family). Everyone wants you to succeed. It’s a place where I love coming to every day to work.

Q: What drew you to the hosting industry as a career?

A: Liquid Web allows everyone to be themselves, and it feels like family. They provide an environment that is both work and play! Not only do I get to make a difference, but I also get to play pinball, ping pong and video games with my colleagues. Basically, the Google Life.

Q: Tell us about a truly rewarding experience you’ve had with a customer!

A: A customer was moving from another provider, and as we moved his clients to Liquid Web he no longer qualified for commissions from his previous provider. However, I was able to get them added back and helped him keep the benefits of his old program.

He said I was the difference in keeping him a customer. Knowing I have that type of impact makes me smile.

Q: What is one thing you wish our customers knew about our hosting?

A: I wish customers knew more about Private Cloud, and the doors (and opportunities) the product can open for them. It gives you 100% control of your hosting solutions you provide to your clients. If you need a VPS but our standard offerings don’t work, get a Private Cloud. With the resource package you order, you can create infinite combinations from the resource pool you have.

If you need a VPS with lots of disk space, perfect. If you need high ram and low disk space, you got it. Whatever you need for a client, you can create it in Private Cloud. The only limit is your customer base.

Q: Work aside, what are some of your hobbies?

A: World of Warcraft, cigars, MSU Football #gogreen, and most importantly being a father/husband to my three kids and wife.

You can follow Matson on Twitter or LinkedIn.

We hope you enjoyed our series, and stay tuned for the next Most Helpful Human in Hosting profile.

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