How Do I Create A Marketing Message For My WordPress Agency?

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Need help creating the perfect marketing message?

A clear marketing message communicates exactly what your prospects need to hear in order to make a buying decision. Or at the very least, a firm decision to move forward and learn more.

A clear marketing message also ensures that every time you or one of your employees speak about your company, the message is consistent, complete, and on brand.

But first, you need to get clear on seven things about your business.

Successful Marketing Requires Clarity

To create a powerful marketing message for your WordPress agency, you need to know seven things about your business:

finding your ideal client

1. Your Ideal Client

Your clients want to work with specialists — experts who can knock it out of the park doing one thing they do better than anyone else for the niche they specialize in. They do not want to waste their time or their money with a generalist who can deliver okay or mediocre results in a lot of different things for everyone.

Clients are looking for the WordPress agency who is a perfect fit, who can deliver exactly what they need and want, and who will provide the most value for the investment. They want to hire, buy from, or learn from an agency who specializes in them.

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Ask yourself:

  • Who does your WordPress agency specialize in serving?
  • What niche market or industry does your agency know better than your competitors?
  • Who is the perfect client or customer for your company?
  • Can you describe the perfect client?

2. Your Big Result

What does your agency do for your clients and customers? Don’t answer with the typical label, like graphic design or web development. Once you give your services a label, prospects think they already know everything there is to know about you.

Instead, lead with the BIG result. It is critical that you know the BIG result, the accomplishment, or the success your clients and customers achieve — the big solution you deliver. This will capture the attention of your ideal clients and make them think, “I want to achieve that too!” or “That’s exactly what I need!”

vacation benefit of achieving the big result in a marketing message

3. The Benefit Of Achieving The Big Result

Buying decisions are often made based on emotions and justified with logistics and features. That’s why it’s important to know the big result you create and the reason that big result matters.

What will change for your clients or happen for them when they achieve the big result?

  • Will they get to spend more time with their family, take more vacations, or work less?
  • Will their spouse finally be able to quit their job?
  • Will they be able to remodel their house?
  • Will they be able to pay off debt, experience less stress, pay for college, or sleep better?
  • Will they be able to hire that next employee?

Understanding the emotional driving force behind a buying decision will help encourage prospects to get off the fence and take action.

4. How You’re Different

When speaking to others about your WordPress agency, often you’re not the only person they know who does what you do. In fact, they probably know other people and other digital agencies that offer the same services. So you need to know:

  • Why should they choose to hire, buy from, or learn from you?
  • How are you different?
  • What makes you the best choice?

It’s critical that you know how your agency is different because your value is found in your differentiation.

When there is little differentiation between your agency and your competitors, it’s difficult for clients to figure out who the best choice is. Your differentiators — experience, credentials, education, certificates, delivery, speed, etc. — are what create your incomparable value. They are the things that prevent the commoditized apples to apples price comparison and allow you to charge higher rates and get them.

5. What You Are Selling

Before you can speak in a compelling way about the services your WordPress agency offers, you need to be crystal clear on exactly what you do — what people can hire you for, what they can buy from you, and how they can learn from you if they aren’t ready to invest.

6. How Prospects Can Get Started

When speaking with a potential client, it is critical to extend an invitation to take the next step — and to do that, you must know what the next step is.

When someone is interested in working with you, what do they need to do first?

  • Do they need to schedule a strategy design or discovery session?
  • Do they need to complete a project inquiry form?
  • Do they need to request a complimentary consultation?
  • Do they need to go to your website or do you have an order form?

7. Why Prospects Say No

Do you know why prospects who don’t hire your agency say no or choose not to buy? Are you hearing the same objection or excuse over and over again?

Believe it or not, this can be a good thing! If you know why prospects are saying no, you can create a strategy to manage and handle their objections upfront in your marketing message.

Some of the most common objections are:

  1. Not enough time
  2. Too expensive
  3. Too hard.

If you’re not sure yet why some say no, start keeping track of what they say during your sales conversations and don’t be afraid to ask them their reason.

getting started creating your marketing message

Creating A Marketing Message

Now that you have clarity about the most important seven things you need to communicate about your business in your marketing, it’s time to create your marketing message.

Luckily, creating a powerful marketing message for your WordPress agency isn’t going to be difficult because I have a simple formula you can follow that is practically guaranteed to compel ideal clients to take action.

Here is the formula to follow:

  • I help: [ideal client description]
  • Do/be/get/achieve/overcome: [big result]
  • So they can: [benefit of big result or the destination]
  • [differentiator: faster, easier, cheaper, etc.]
  • Even if: [common objection]
  • I do that through/by/with/in: [your service offerings]
  • If you: [invite the action]
  • Simply: [tell them exactly what to do next]

As you can see, in just a couple sentences, this formula outlines everything prospects want to know about your agency, helps them self-identify as an ideal client, and walks them through how they can get started.

It also differentiates your WordPress agency from any other agencies they may be talking with and squashes prospects’ most common objections. And, what’s even better is that it doesn’t sound salesy, smarmy, or pushy.

Here’s Why It Works:

  • You share your ideal client
    They think, “Oh that’s me/my friend, I better pay attention.”
  • You share your big result & the benefit
    They think, “Ooooh I want to achieve that and enjoy that too.”
  • You share the emotional benefit of the big result
    They think, “Now that would change everything.”
  • You share your differentiator
    They think, “The other WordPress agency I was talking to didn’t say that.”
  • You squash their objection
    They think, “Cool! There’s no reason not to take action.”
  • You share exactly what you are selling
    They think, “Good, they do what I need and can help.”
    Then, just as they are wondering, “Hmmm, what’s next?”
  • You invite them to take action and share exactly how they can get started
    They think, “Wow that is easy,” and they take action

marketing message in action

Your Marketing Message In Action

The best thing about taking time to gain clarity about your business and create a smart, clear marketing message is that it can be used for all sorts of things by everyone on your team.

  • It’s a great elevator pitch.
  • It’s an awesome answer to that question, “What do you do?”
  • It’s a helpful lead-in for your sales and business development team.
  • It’s a perfect intro for your website’s About page.
  • It works well as a bio or short description of your company on social media pages and listings.
  • It’s easy for employees and team members to learn, practice, and put their own spin on.

Now there is one important thing to remember: The more you practice your marketing message, the better you’ll get at communicating it.

Don’t stress about memorizing it word-for-word — it isn’t a speech and you’re not a robot. Instead, just get comfortable with it. The more you say it, the easier it will be to communicate your message in a clear, natural, conversational way.

So… what are you waiting for? Grab a pencil and paper, nail down all seven things you need clarity on, jot down the formula above, and give it a try. I think you’ll be surprised at just how polished and professional it will make your WordPress agency sound!

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