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Liquid Web’s Partner Marketing Manager on building community, nurturing relationships, and putting her time to good use.

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“I know that I make a difference in people’s businesses,” says Miller, “and that motivates me to come to work every day and do a great job.”

Lindsey Miller is no stranger to enterprise. “I started my first business in kindergarten!” Miller made seasonal crafts— turkeys drawn from the outline of her hand, Christmas trees— and sold them to family members over holiday meals. “Yes,” she says, “I sold my grandparents my drawings instead of giving them away!”

That Miller was so resourceful at such a young age is unsurprising, having grown up on 200 acres in Oologah, Oklahoma, the birthplace of Oklahoma’s Favorite Son, Will Rogers. “My conversations around cattle can surprise a lot of people,” she says.

Her tech journey began almost ten years ago when she was working as a political fundraiser and met her now-husband, Cory. “He had a WordPress plugin company and he got me started by blogging about politics.” Then, in 2011, Miller started a non-profit called The Div, teaching kids to code. Her path in tech was solidified after that, working with WordPress and empowering businesses around the use of the platform.

Though she now lives a few hours away from Oologah in Oklahoma City, Lindsey Miller puts her ingenuity to use as Liquid Web’s Partner Marketing Manager, investing in community and relationships. “I have been involved in the WordPress community for a long time,” says Miller. “I truly care about WordPress and those who build their businesses around it.” She takes pride that now, in her role at Liquid Web, she gets to help those who rely on WordPress to grow.

Miller loves working in tech for the innovation that it entails. “I was a part of the team that brought the very first WooCommerce Hosting product to market. There was so much creativity! At Liquid Web, we’re encouraged to think outside of the box. That’s very exciting to me,” she says.

But for Miller, success is about more than inventiveness. It’s about people. She loves exploring ways she can help those who turn to Liquid Web as they build their business. Miller is currently creating education opportunities like webinars, documents, and blueprints which businesses can use to reach their goals and increase revenue.

Miller wants to build a community around people who create on the web and take Liquid Web beyond just being a hosting company. “If I can help our partners and their businesses,” she says, “then I feel that I will have accomplished something great. I have a strong perspective on how to build a relationship and create a community. It starts with caring about people over profit.”

She recognizes the power of community and strong relationships in her own life, as well. “Much of my success, I attribute to people who believed in me.” She credits the many mentors, leaders, and colleagues who inspired and taught her along the way. “I am lucky to have had many wonderful advisors put me under their wings over the years and help me continue to grow and learn,” she says.

Among those who have impacted her profoundly in both her personal and professional life are her husband, Cory— “He is the reason I learned as much as I have to get where I am in my career.” — and the leadership team at Liquid Web. “As my first real corporate job, I did not expect to get much attention from anyone other than my team and supervisors,” says Miller, “but I regularly connect with our leadership team including tremendous women like Terry Trout and Carrie Wheeler, among all of the talented colleagues that I learn from every day. I have grown tenfold since starting at Liquid Web two-and-a-half years ago.” Chris Lema, Liquid Web’s VP of Products and Innovation, has also been instrumental in Miller’s growth, challenging her to continue expanding her skill set. “If it wasn’t for Chris recognizing the skills learned in politics and developed during my time with Cory, I wouldn’t be here.”

It’s been an important two-and-a-half years for Miller who takes great care about how she spends her time and who she spends it with. “Time is so precious,” she says. “I don’t want to waste it.” This outlook will come as no surprise to her colleagues. Spending her formative work years in politics, Miller learned to work quickly and diligently, always under a deadline. She jokes about the impact those experiences have had on her work style. “When asked when I need something, I tease my co-workers that my answer is always ‘as soon as possible’. Maybe my next career lesson will be learning how to wait.”

Miller encourages young women considering a career in tech to focus on building relationships. “You will get further in life and work by growing with others instead of in spite of others or on the backs of others. Create relationships. Champion other people, as well as yourself. Working together makes everything better, personally and professionally.”

A career in tech, she says, is also an exciting way to see the palpable outcome of hard work. “A great thing about working in tech is that there are not arbitrary results. What you do and your work product is there for everyone to see. For young women, it is a very tangible way to work towards something that takes intelligence and creativity.” And, Miller says, tech offers incredible space for growth. “It is a vast industry. The opportunities are endless.”

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