Let Liquid Web Be Your Valentine & Never Suffer Lost Holiday Traffic

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Valentine’s day and Fat Tuesday have stacked this week with two traffic-spike inducing holidays for eCommerce sites, ranging from bakeries to florists to dating sites and all manners of retail in-between. With a highly scalable infrastructure, an impressive array of eCommerce solutions and 24/7/365 Heroic Support® (boasting industry-leading response/resolution times) at your fingertips, Liquid Web is the Managed Hosting Provider to ensure that your Valentine will not be waiting over a cold meal and melted candles while you work into the night trying to resuscitate your overtaxed SMB site.

Prepare Your Site for Traffic of All Types With Liquid Web

This week’s dalliance into my social media rounds didn’t last long before segueing into research on the widespread complaints of latency — or full-blown downtime from some retailers — that my friends and colleagues were commiserating over. Floral sites were, as one would expect, hit hard as a recent study of just the largest such online vendors revealed that, at least, 30% of them were ill-prepared for traffic spikes such as the ones they experience on Valentine’s and Mother’s days.

To this end, latency can be just as grave of a complication to eCommerce as full-blown downtime since increased performance across the internet has turned more than a two or three-second load into a near automatic “click away” for a vast majority of consumers.

Traffic spikes can be an unexpected nuisance or, somewhat, predictable in the case of commerce-associated holidays. Keeping an eye on some of this week’s expected spikes for sites that we host delivered reassuring results. I was happy to see that the vendors receiving the largest traffic increases were performing much faster than contemporaries due to the options we provide and the management steps we take to ensure customers thrive under such enviable “problems” as booming business and widespread attention.

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