9 Tips for Building a Landing Page That Converts

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Looking for a way to easily create an amazing landing page that converts? To explore this question, we asked Chris Lema, VP of Products and Innovation at Liquid Web, to give us a tutorial webinar on the topic.

To make things easier for you, here is a summary on how to build a landing page that converts.

Let’s get started!

The Nine Key Elements Every Landing Page that Converts Needs to Have

There are nine key elements you need to have on every single landing page that you create.

1. A Headline They Care About

If you are building a landing page that converts and do not include a headline, you are missing out. The headline is the first message that people read.

Now, a headline is not a product that you are selling.

A headline is an enticing string of text originally found on an ad that is intended to attract a specific audience, hopefully, enough to keep reading and eventually take some sort of action. The key word here is enticing.

landing page with compelling headline

They read it and – boom – they are ready to read more! You might say something like “Stop paying for landing page software.” They then click or navigate to your intended location (the landing page) and the headline should be “Stop paying for landing page software.”

When people read the same text in the headline on the landing page, people make the connection and know that they are in the right place. It’s not what you are selling or your new product.

It is the eye-catching or reinforced message that you used to bring people from various locations to the landing page.

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2. The Problem(s) They Have

consumer problem for landing page

Next, hit the audience with the problem you are solving for them. It doesn’t have to be one problem; it could be two or even three problems you are solving. Now, many of you will jump to selling or talking about your solution (your product).

If you haven’t qualified the problems you are trying to solve, you haven’t built the relationship yet to a place where you can present a solution.

First – articulate the problem.

3. The Benefit(s) You Can Provide

This is where you can start talking about their pain points, which are the real reason why they navigated to this page in the first place. First, talk about the pain, and then you can talk about the gain.

No pain, no gain right?

Show them a different route that they can begin to take… with your solution: your product.

4. The Solution You Have

Finally! Introduce them to the reason that you brought them to the landing page in the first place. Make sure you highlight exactly how the solution you are providing ties to the pain points you just mentioned.

But they aren’t going to just take your word for it.

They need social proof that your solution works and works well.

product solution landing page

5. Provide Social Proof

One of the most common forms of social proof is testimonials, which are other people similar to your audience highlighting why this product is amazing.

With social proof, people plainly see “Hey, listen to all of these other people say how awesome this product is.” Pull reviews from your site, or if you are listed on Amazon, you can pull from there. Find ways to illustrate to your audience that people just like them are in love with your product.

Social proof is different than credibility.

6. Provide Credibility

When people are wondering whether you are credible, they will wonder “Why should I trust you for this solution?”

If this same solution, or something very similar, is offered by ten different retailers or online stores, the lead will hesitate, wondering why they should choose your product instead of the others.

Give them clear and compelling reasons why you and your product stand out.

7. Pricing

multiple options landing page pricing

Yes, hit them up front with pricing. Don’t make the audience dig through your site to find the pricing for your product, because most likely they will instead navigate to another landing page for a competitor that has their information more clearly displayed.

Make it easy for them to eliminate all potential barriers to purchase so that they can be ready to purchase your product immediately.

If the product is expensive to a specific lead, hiding the pricing until the end of the transaction will only frustrate the lead. You want to be as helpful as possible.

If you have multiple options for pricing, make sure to list that on the landing page as well.

8. Call to Action (also known as a CTA)

The call to action is the specific behavior that you are driving the lead to take after reading the landing page.

Only include one call to action for the landing page for best results.

Yes, it is tempting to try and sell more than one product, sell add-ons, or build your email list. But it isn’t effective for landing pages to have more than one CTA.

When you are building your landing page, decide this up front. Let this CTA direct the content for your entire page, as this will also be the way you determine how well your landing page performs.

Include the call to action several places on the landing page, so that at any point during their journey on your page, they can decide to purchase without hesitation.

9. Include Objection Mitigators

Objection mitigators are the questions that the audience already has running through their head by the time that they have hit this point on the landing page. These are the primary reasons they may end up leaving the page without purchasing your solution or product.

You want to step into that conversation and address these up front so that they can make an informed decision without having to search elsewhere.

Talk to your sales team to find out what the top questions being asked are, and include them on your landing page.

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