How to Keep Up With Web Design Trends in 2014

The world of technology and software is a thing of beauty. While the progression of trends in the industry of technology is one to marvel at, the real issue is just trying to keep up. Aside from the general aspect of maintaing an updated system, it is important to keep up with these trends for the health of your business and perspective of your viewer. Have no fear, we are here with a few tips on how to keep up with website design trends for a better site and an even more impressive customer experience.


Frequent Top Web Sites

Whether it is a favorite website of yours or a highly reviewed website, always make a point to consistently click through top websites to research new trends. Now, I’m not saying steal all their cool ideas and trends, but rather, find inspiration. There are tools for design being created and updated everyday it seems, and these top websites know all about them. Find how they are properly using these tools for a more appealing and functioning website, and see how you can apply that to yours.


Google Alerts

If you don’t know what Google Alerts is, allow me to introduce you to your new best friend. This is an incredible resource to tap into the greatest web design trends. Google Alerts is like the Men’s Fitness or Cosmo for actual relevant topics. If you do not have a Google account, then create one. Once you have activated Google Alerts, simply type in a topic you are interested in (for this purpose – web design) and create an alert that will notify you of these specific trends as they change and modify.


Social Networking

Join a web design Facebook group or follow a designer you admire on twitter. If you are turned off by this idea always keep in mind that social Networking exists beyond the realm of Facebook and Twitter. Create a Google+ and participate in Google Hangouts on web design, or even comment on web design forums. Being active in the web design community will only enhance your ability to stay on top of web design trends.



Search for specialists in the web design community that provide information you find relevant to your needs and use their information provided. A great way to put this to use is through YouTube tutorials. They are taking over YouTube and some can be incredibly easy to follow. If you operate primarily on WordPress, my recommendation is The WordPress Guy. There are tons of CMS specific tutorials that he guides the audience through step-by-step with some incredibly useful tips from EWWW Optimizer to disabling comments. It is definitely worth the quick couple of minutes.


Take advantage of these tips and apply them to your web design process. Comment below and let us know how it affects your overall experience. If you have any tips of your own, be sure to let us know below! For more information on Cloud Sites by Rackspace visit us at