KB Weekly Wrap-Up 11-7-14

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Knowledge Base Weekly Wrap-Up 11-7-14
As always, we’ve stocked our Knowledge Base this week with articles designed to help you through every step of your hosting process. In this edition of our Knowledge Base Weekly Wrap-Up you can find articles helping you to protect your server from POODLE, how to install Varnish and Docker, and take a tutorial on managing a Linux server with systemd.

  • How to Disable SSLv3 for Apache and Exim to Protect Your WHM/cPanel Server from POODLE

    Learn how to protect your server from POODLE, or Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption, by disabling SSLv3 for Apache and Exim.

  • How to Install Varnish 4 on CentOS 7

    Learn how to install Varnish, an HTTP accelerator designed to improve the performance of dynamic websites, on CentOS 7.

  • How to Install Docker on Fedora 20

    Follow our step-by-step instructions to Install Docker, a container-based software framework for automating deployment of applications, on Fedora 20.

  • Tutorial: An Introduction to Managing a Linux Server with systemd

    Take our tutorial on managing a Linux server with systemd, a system management daemon that provides a standard for controlling the Linux boot process.

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