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When it comes to lead generation, the process in the past has been pretty straightforward: WordPress website owners create content, promote offers, cross their fingers that people care, track the conversion rate, and adjust as needed over time. While the typical lead generation offer encourages people to read, watch, listen, act, and share, the opportunities for true audience engagement, data gathering, and marketing personalization is limited.

It’s time to take lead generation to the next level and focus on creating interactive lead capture opportunities.

What Is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is digital content that is designed for audience participation. It creates experiences where the user is engaged with the content, taking action, and receiving feedback based on their actions. This active participation not only holds visitors’ attention longer but by providing personalized results, the value of the content and memorability of the experience increased dramatically.

interactive content creates engagement

Why Use Interactive Content?

To generate a steady stream of qualified leads and consistently attract new ideal clients and customers, your marketing efforts need to be specific, heavily-targeted and personalized. To do that, you will need data. But while WordPress website owners need more data to create effective marketing campaigns, consumers don’t want to provide data.

The solution is interactive content.

While the average opt-in offer provides a site owner with an email address and maybe a name, interactive content can provide many more opportunities to capture data, which in turn, can provide greater insights into your audience and a clearer picture of who your marketing and sales efforts should be directed at.

The most successful pieces of interactive content:

  • Help prospects learn more about your brand, business, and what you do
  • Point prospects in the right direction for their specific needs
  • Introduce prospects to the best solution and help them move forward in the buyer journey
  • Persuade them to take the next logical step
  • Collect valuable insights and information as data is captured

10 Types of Interactive Content

Here are 10 types of interactive content you can use to gather audience data and generate more and better leads for your WordPress website:

  • Calculators: Use your own proprietary calculations and formulas to help users make better buying decisions, see what they can afford, create budgets, or make financial plans.
  • Games: Grab visitors’ attention quickly with a game. Their actions while playing (and procrastinating) can deliver valuable insights.

interactive games

  • Polls: Show your audience you care by getting them involved in your brand. Ask them to vote for their most or least favorite item, to provide input, and help shape future decisions.
  • Interactive Ebooks: Improve the static ebook by embedding interactive content like dynamic charts, videos, and even assessments and checklists.
  • Quizzes: Get more play across social media by providing infotainment through a short, fun, educational, or challenging quiz like, “What type of animal are you?” that shares some personalized results.

interactive videos or polls

  • Countdowns: Countdown timers and gamified countdowns leading up to a big event, sale, or holiday keep users attention by releasing new content, deals, or gifts as the countdown progresses.
  • Interactive Videos: Move the user from passive watcher to active user by including hotspots to ask questions, buy, or take another specific action. Consider partially gating the video content and using a lead form for full access.
  • Dynamic infographics: Instead of publishing a flat infographic image, create a dynamic infographic that invites the user to click, slide, and reveal other content and additional data.

dynamic infographic

  • Assessments: Offer users more in-depth, personalized results or advice and recommendations by asking them to complete an assessment. More involved than a short quiz, assessments can be used to test knowledge, interest, and even positioning.
  • Product Finders: Help visitors make a purchase or find the best item for their needs. Invite them to answer a series of questions and based on the information they provide, offer product recommendations.

In an interactive content experience, visitors are immersed in the content, involved in the outcome, and happy to provide data because they know their participation will result in personalized results, customized insights, or specific recommendations.

If you want to stand out in the overcrowded marketplace, capture brand visibility, and boost lead conversions, you owe it to yourself to add interactive content to your sales and marketing strategy — especially while so few businesses are actually doing it!

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