Initial availability of MariaDB 10.0 in our ORD region


MariaDB 10.0 now available in our ORD Region: More details…

As a commitment to our customers, we have worked to offer more for Cloud Sites customers. We are excited to announce the initial availability of MariaDB 10.0 in our ORD region!

MariaDB 10.0 is a highly compatible, drop in replacement for MySQL. Cloud Sites engineers will be deploying MariaDB 10.0 to new database servers within our ORD region beginning the end of Q1, 2015.This update allows Cloud Sites to continue to evolve and provide a more secure and reliable infrastructure for our customers. Please note, MariaDB 10.0 will be made available to DFW customers at a future date.

·      MariaDB 10.0 will be a selectable option (when available) in the Cloud Sites Control Panel.

·      Existing MySQL 5.1 databases will not be affected.

Additional Information:

·       Feature comparisons:

·       Replacement for MySQL:

·      MariaDB FAQ site:

If you have any questions on this upcoming change, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team via phone call or chat.