How to Speed up Your WooCommerce Store With Image Compression

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If your WooCommerce store feels slow and seems to take too long to load, it could be because your photos are way bigger than they need to be.

To solve this, you could use a simple image compression plugin to speed up your WooCommerce store.

The Problem

If you upload original, full-size images to your WooCommerce site, then you’re forcing your site visitors to download those full-size images just to see a thumbnail.

Often those original images can be 3-5 MB, which is enormous.

That’s print quality, and definitely not necessary for displaying a small version on a screen.

You’re making people download pixels they’ll never see.

This happens because you’re a shop owner, not a Photoshop expert.

So, you just upload the images you get and do not reduce a 5 MB image to a 150 KB image, which is ideal.

The Solution

Get a plugin!

There are a lot of tools that can do this for you.

Here are four image compression plugins you can try:

These are just four different solutions (and there are more options out there) that can directly connect to your store so you can upload original images—just like you’ve always done—and the plugin will compress it for you in a seamless process.

Now your site loads faster…

No special Photoshop skills required.

How Does Image Compression Make Your Site Faster?

With smaller image files, your WooCommerce store will load a lot faster.

And you don’t have to sacrifice quality.

A few benefits:

  • Your home page with photos of featured products will load faster.
  • Catalog pages with multiple photos will load faster.
  • Product pages with multiple images of a single product will load faster.

This is just one, simple thing you can do to speed up your WooCommerce store.

If you’re not already compressing images, start doing it today to speed up your store.

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