Interviews Liquid Web CEO Jim Geiger

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Tamar Weinberg of recently interviewed Liquid Web’s CEO, Jim Geiger, about the company, his job experience, his focus on staff to be the best they can be, and why he considers himself a “Chief Encouragement Officer.”

Liquid Web's Jim Geiger was interviewed by

“One of the things that has resonated with me as it pertains to our team is not just the talent and intelligence here, but the purity of purpose that has permeated the culture,” Geiger says. “Having a group of people here that are very passionate about what they do, in providing Heroic support and solutions, I have committed myself to getting to know them, listening to them, and understanding what makes them tick. I like to know where everyone’s core interests lie, what they excel in, what their unique skills are.”

Read the full interview here!

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