Hardware Architects: The Liquid Web Setups Team

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Liquid Web Setups Team
Our Setups Team has probably been up close and personal with your server. In fact, they’ve been elbow deep in just about all the servers in our data centers – it’s part of their job to build and deploy all of our Dedicated and Storm Servers. You can find the members of our Setups Team custom-building servers around the clock for customers, not to mention configuring firewalls, back end switches, load balancers and more. It is up to this team to make sure all these components are talking to each other and running smoothly day-in and day-out.

Building a server from the ground up requires many parts and pieces, including RAM, Disks, CPUs, Motherboards, power supplies, and hard drives. We order our products from only the most tried and true vendors. All of our products are thoughtfully chosen and tested before we even let them in the data center. Each individual piece is as important as the server as a whole and we strive to build the best server for our customers. In addition, this fastidious process allows us to have a heightened level of awareness of all our servers. We know where each of our servers are in their lifespan and can predict any problems before they happen and before they inconvenience the customer.

Building A ServerThe physical aspect of the job, custom building servers from the inside out, is the easy part. The Setups Team is also responsible for making sure all of our Dedicated deployments are running the latest software updates, for both Windows and Linux. In addition, they install and configure the software side of Liquid Web’s Dedicated Addons, including Guardian, SAN, LiteSpeed, and CloudLinux, to name a few. They also evaluate any new distributions we might offer to make sure they will work within the company’s set up.

One of the biggest parts of the job, of course, is troubleshooting and testing equipment. During the construction of a server, Setups monitors the equipment for failures. Our process is a strict one. If there is a single issue while building a box, the team troubleshoots the server and replaces any necessary parts to make sure the customer receives a quality product. However, if there are multiple issues while building a box, the entire server is considered unusable. Quality hardware is important to Liquid Web and once a server exhibits too many errors, we consider it too risky to safely use. Rather than endanger our customers’ data and applications, the box is instead scrapped and new equipment is found.

From a customer’s vantage point, ordering a server may seem like an abstract process. It’s easy to forget about the work that goes on behind the scenes, from painstakingly assembling each server according to the customer’s specific needs, right down to finding a place for it amongst the thousands in our data centers. Our Heroic Setups Team works around the clock to ensure each server is built to match the customer’s exact specifications and is deployed ready to host their content.

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