Four of the Biggest Cloud Computing Developments in 2016

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Four of the Biggest Cloud Computing Developments in 2016There were some downright fascinating developments in cloud computing last year. From prominent security scares to major acquisitions, much has happened to change the landscape of the cloud. As we move through the second month of 2017, it is valuable for us to take a look back at what the year brought – if only because it will offer us some indication of what might be coming this year.

Cloud Revenue Went Way Up

We will start with some positive news. 2016 saw enormous growth in the cloud market, with vendor revenue reaching approximately $148 billion by the end of September 2016. Growth was highest in the Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service markets, which together experienced a growth rate of 53%. Private infrastructure was a major winner as well, at 34%.

Storage Scares Underscored The Importance Of Cloud Security

On August 25, cloud storage organization made a seemingly-innocent blog post instructing users to change their passwords. Then a few days later, Motherboard posted an article detailing how hackers stole the account details of more than 60 million Dropbox users. As if that was not enough, cloud vendor opened 2017 with the revelation that files and folders could be found through a simple search engine.

Both incidents have been addressed, but both were startling reminders of what can happen if a cloud vendor is lax with the data entrusted to them by clients.

Big Data Got Bigger

As predicted by CIO Magazine, the cloud market intersected with the analytics market in 2016, with spending on big data and analytics seeing a sharp upturn. Big data initiatives began moving past the conceptual stages into production, while demand for data professionals also continued to grow. Expect to see all of these trends continue – or perhaps even increase exponentially – in 2017.

The EU Clamped Down On Cloud Data Protection

The European Union in 2016 retained its position as a leader in data security, with the adoption of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The framework made manifest a number of changes to data law in the region, including the ownership of individuals over their private data and an increase in the power of data protection authorities. Though it still remains to be seen if other nations will directly follow suit, any who do business in the EU will need to familiarize themselves with the GDPR, lest they suffer a hefty fine of up to 4% of their global turnover.

Watch for Future Cloud Computing Changes

2016 brought with it a great many changes to the cloud computing industry. Major acquisitions. Security scares. Advanced analytics. Data protections. These are all trends which shaped the market into what it is today – and they will continue to shape it through 2017, even as new trends begin to surface.

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