Why Even A Tech-Savvy Company Can Benefit From Managed Hosting

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If you have a good grasp of technology, you probably don’t need managed hosting for your servers, right? Not exactly – here’s why.

It’s a common misconception that managed hosting is something meant exclusively for organizations that lack technical expertise. If your organization’s core competencies lie outside those required to run a server, you’re definitely better off bringing in someone to handle things for you. Here’s the thing, though – even if you know your way around hosting infrastructure, it could be beneficial to lean on a host’s expertise.

Fact is, the world’s growing more complicated by the day. IT departments need to manage larger, more extensive networks than at any other point in history. Devices and endpoints ranging from smartphones to smartwatches to IoT hardware are regularly being brought online in enterprise networks, and even the largest organizations are struggling with the challenge of how to secure them.

server managementNot only that, even if your IT department is competent enough to manage, secure, and configure all your hosting infrastructure, doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be better-served outsourcing the task to someone else. There is, after, all, a very good chance that their core competencies lie elsewhere – by leaving them free to focus on those competencies, you will give your business far more room to grow and thrive.

You’ll be able to keep your business more streamlined as well, and avoid having to hire additional support or IT staff to take care of things like dedicated server management or firewall configuration. You’ll be able to forego costs such as hardware maintenance or setup of additional infrastructure, and you’ll be able to keep your monthly expenditures on infrastructure largely predictable – freeing up your budget to spend elsewhere.

Moreover, if you’re operating existing infrastructure, the best hosts will support your transition over to their systems, allowing you to leverage your existing investments to great effect. Switching from on-premise to dedicated server hosting couldn’t be easier with the help of our Dedicated Migrations Technicians and 24/7/365 phone, chat, and ticket support.

Of course, all the above only applies if you choose the right host. You’ll need to practice due diligence here. Pay careful attention especially to their service-level agreement – is there any vague language? Are there any sections that seem a bit confusing? Do they offer decent reparation for downtime?

Take a look at the reviews a hosting company’s received online, as well. What are people saying about them? Do they have a decent reputation?

Finally, make sure the data you’ll be hosting with them will be secure and accessible. Do they offer the level of security your organization requires? Don’t compromise on this one, even if everything else seems perfect.

Liquid Web is the answer. We offer secure, reliable, fast, and hassle-free hosting, backed by our 100% power and network uptime guarantee and the Most Helpful Humans in Hosting. We’ll provide round-the-clock, flawless hosting. And your organization, meanwhile, will have the freedom to create, the opportunity to grow, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you needn’t worry about the increasing complexity of infrastructure management – we’ve got you covered.

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