Our COO Carrie Wheeler Gives Advice on How To Reach Your Career Goals

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Recently, Carrie Wheeler was interviewed by Adam Lansdell from Capital Area Women’s Lifestyle Magazine. Carrie opened up about her path to success and how she didn’t get to her position as Chief Operating Officer at Liquid Web by accident or by hoping for a promotion— she strategically worked for it. Carrie’s candid interview depicts her journey to her current role and will give you great advice on how to reach your career goals.

To start, Carrie emphasizes the importance of keeping the big picture in mind when facing the day-to-day aspects of your job. Carrie reminds us to “keep doing the long-range view and work toward a new role or a company or a new industry.” Her perspective is most noteworthy because she breaks down her own journey to the top and explains her struggles to get there.

We live in a world where we are all trying to make a career out of our jobs. Therefore, it is very valuable to have the perspective of someone who’s been in your shoes. Carrie’s thoughts on overcoming the obstacles you face in your current position can give you great insight into your own professional journey.

Read Carrie’s full interview here.

Liquid Web Chief Operating Officer Carrie Wheeler

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