Continual Growth Keeps our Dedicated Training Team Busy

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Liquid Web Training Department
The growth of our company over the last few years has kept one department in particular very busy – our Training Department. This department handles the training of all personnel through in-house classes and on-the-job training. Liquid Web hires approximately 6-10 new employees every month and was even listed among INC. Magazine’s 5,000 fastest growing companies in the United States six years in a row. This impressive growth has created a lot of work for our dedicated Training Department, which makes sure that each new employee is trained on all of our systems and processes and ready for their new job.

The standard four-week training session for all new employees includes traditional lecture-style classes, but mainly focuses on hands-on examples of a wide variety of common issues they will face in their impending day-to-day activities. Such issues include email trouble, SSL installations, standard Linux troubleshooting and more.

In addition to preparing new employees for their jobs at Liquid Web, our Training Team also provides a number of ongoing training and education options for all employees. These programs include topical presentations for existing software (i.e. MySQL), and in-depth analysis of commonly seen troubles. Along those same lines, the Training team also develops partnerships with major software vendors, such as cPanel and Parallels, for additional internal and external training sessions.

“We’re always looking for ways to bring our teams more resources and get them more exposure to every facet of the business, so we have the ability to explore cross-training options and 3rd-party certification programs,” Training Department Head Alan Patrick said.

The increasingly fast growth at Liquid Web ensures the members of the Training Team have their hands full with a new batch of students every month. It should come as no surprise to them that Liquid Web has experienced an incredible 414% growth since our first inclusion on INC. Magazine’s celebrated list seven years ago. We’re pretty proud of that number – and we expect our growth to not only continue, but accelerate as we expand our resources across the country. We plan on keeping our Training Team extremely busy in the years to come.

If you’re interested in learning more about career opportunities at Liquid Web, visit our jobs page to learn more about our culture and see our available job postings.
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