Is a CMS Right for Your Website?

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Depending on the type of business or website you are operating on, there are ways to build your website on a platform the most appropriate for you. Millions of websites are operating on a content management system (CMS) from WordPress to Drupal to Joomla. Want to know whether a CMS is necessarily right for? Let’s go through a checklist of sorts and find out!

1. Easy Access & Total Control

The major benefit of a CMS comes along with business that are typically running websites that are constantly needing to add or edit content. Let’s say you consistently are posting on your blog, average a few press releases to be posted for external use on a regular basis, or have an audience that relies on your weekly video tutorials – and then you will need a platform as accessible as a CMS with a dynamic content approach.

However, if you aren’t creating serial content, but instead focus on conversion, then there is no need for a CMS. Perhaps your site would benefit properly from working with a web developer.

2. Collaborative Team Work

If you are lucky enough to have an in-house team effort operating on your website, then a CMS is the way to go. A content management system allows for multiple users for multiple reasons. Perhaps you have a huge team and want that to answer to an approval workflow, and then a CMS is built precisely for that operational system.

If you are not with a team, and are hiring someone externally, then it will be best to allow that developer who knows HTML language and how to code to function on their own development platform.

3. Cost Efficient

Skip the skyrocketing prices of development teams or an individual, and create your site on a CMS while having complete ownership and access at anytime anywhere. The beauty also being that CMS’s are upgrading constantly, meaning, you’ll always be up to web standards.

While a CMS may be budget friendly for particular businesses, it will cost you in time. There is ongoing maintenance that you will also have to own (unless of course you are with a hosting provider like Cloud Sites).

Three Questions Help You Decide

In the end, there are three easy questions you need to ask to decide whether a CMS is right:

1)   Do you need constant and easy version control?

2)   Do you have an editorial team that you want to depend on permissions and approval?

3)   Do you regularly post new content on your website?

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