Cloud Sites' Wiz Morgan Earns Fanatical Jacket Award

At Rackspace, the highest regarded awarded is one that is earned, once a month, by an especially hardworking Racker whom is nominated and then selected  for the Fanatical Jacket. It is in the genetics of a Racker to be completely devoted to our above and beyond famous Fanatical Support®. This month, Cloud Sites’ very own Withers “Wiz” Morgan was honored for exemplifying just what being Fanatical means.x Wiz started at Rackspace as a contractor in 2010, and within months became a full-time Racker and a crucial part of the team. As an Engineer in Cloud Sites, Wiz’s has maintained an environment for customers who heavily rely on the stability and performance of our infrastructure. Beyond the stable infrastructure provided by the skills of Wiz, he has developed new tools while pushing the limits on existing infrastructure in order to consistently push the performance of Cloud Sites to a higher level. As a true specialist, Wiz developed custom monitoring and analytical tools for the Cloud Sites storage systems that cannot be found anywhere else. These tools provide in depth look allowing Cloud Sites to know the exact status and capacity of our storage systems. Without these tools, Rackspace and customer websites would not be able to perform as successfully as they do. Constant devotion to a better performing Cloud Sites is part of what makes Wiz a gem to Rackpsace, but his dedication to uplifting our core value of friends & family truly puts above the rest. Wiz has the same commitment to Cloud Sites as he does to his fellow Rackers. When a Racker colleague was diagnosed with cancer, Wiz volunteers his time to help his fellow Racker through this tough time. He provides transportation to doctor appointments and his company during the treatments while also assisting in taking care of household tasks. Wiz is more than a co-worker, Wiz is a true friend and a Racker who defines what it truly means to be fanatical. Here is more on Wiz from leaders of Cloud Sites: “His devotion to serving our customers is something that simply cannot be measured. He is constantly working on improving his familiarity with our storage and is always developing tools to help us better serve our customers.   Wiz has always been very receptive to thoughts and ideas of others. We are tremendously grateful to have Wiz around to help us with such a crucial part of our offering.  The guy simply rocks!” -Tony Barrera, Cloud Sites Manager of Operations   “His name says it all, Wiz is a personable, experienced technically savvy Engineer. He’s a Wiz.  But, when you talk to him, he explains storage and technical challenges in laymen’s terms to ensure common understanding and is happy to do so.  He has the technical skills that have helped fine-tune and squeeze our storage devices to the umpteenth degree. He is considered the resident expert by the storage vendor since he’s been THE engineer who constantly pushes those device limits here at Rackspace for the 15,000 plus customers that depend on it.” -Art Montelongo, Director of Operations and Support   On behalf of Cloud Sites and all of Rackspace, we are so thankful for all that you do, Wiz! Congratulations and keep up the amazing work! To see more information on what all Wiz and his team have accomplished for you, visit us at