Cloud Sites Rises to the Occasion of Another Site’s Super Spike!

Using the most up-to-date technology matched with world-class hosting expertise is a recipe for amazing success. Cloud Sites continually monitors across the network at the ready to take action if spikes in traffic occur. It is our wish for all of our customers to experience the success of a sudden high influx of traffic on their website, and it is our goal that we will manage every traffic increase seamlessly so that you are left to celebrate. A recent event for our dear friends at YIKES, Inc. was no exception.

The Philadelphia web design and development company built and managed the site of Dining Out For Life – an annual dining fundraising event created to raise money for AIDS service organizations. This event consists of participating restaurants in cities all over the country in which these particular restaurants donate a percentage of their revenue to AIDS service organizations. According to Tracy Levesque, web designer and co-owner of YIKES, Inc., “Some cities have over 200 participating restaurants, and the site and mobile site is the #1 tool for getting people to dine out and fight AIDS.”

A nationwide event for a great cause brought in a flood of viewers to this particular site, one that could only be trusted with Cloud Sites by Rackspace. As Tracy went in depth about her passion for the event, she mentioned how proud she was that “The site remained snappy while experiencing, at times, over 1,000 concurrent users”.

At Cloud Sites, your success is our success. We are always working to grow with our customers, and in times of super spikes in traffic, we could not be more excited to provide a seamless website experience for every visitor to the site. Our talent and support stands above the rest, as Tracy explains, “In the past, we had tried other hosting companies and we often had awful site outages on the day of the event from the influx of traffic and terrible customer service. Since moving to Cloud Sites over a year ago we’ve had 2 successful events.”

Congratulations to YIKES, Inc. and Dining Out For Life! Your Cloud Sites team could not be more proud to be a part of your success.