Cloud Sites' Jesse Cardenas Earns Fanatical Jacket Award

At Rackspace, the highest regarded awarded is one that is earned, once a month, by an especially hardworking Racker whom is nominated and then selected  for the Fanatical Jacket. It is in the genetics of a Racker to be completely devoted to our above and beyond famous Fanatical Support®. This month, Cloud Sites’ very own Jesse Cardenas was honored for exemplifying just what being Fanatical means.


Jesse has been a Racker for 4 years where he began on Rackspace’s Support staff as he quickly familiarized himself with our business model. On top of wasting absolutely no time getting started to help customers, Jesse would also stay on his own time to develop system time tools that inevitably assisted the rest of his team in working more efficiently. To this day, your team here at Rackspace is still using those tools.


Due to these voluntary achievements simply out of his motivation to better Cloud Sites, Jesse was quickly identified as a high performer. Within a year and a half as a Racker Jesse was approached by our Cloud Sites Operations team for a position as a Linux Ops Admin I. As he took on this new challenge, Jesse did nothing but shine. He was then quickly promoted to a Linux Ops Admin II as he continued to produce tools and strategize improvements for his Cloud Sites passion on his free time.


The achievements Jesse has implemented in Cloud Sites includes, but is not limited to, voluntarily stay late to help reduce any gaps in coverage, educate himself on Windows related functions to internally become our go-to Windows guy, assisted in preventing customer outages related to dDoSs, sits with the Support team to provide them guidance and awareness on how certain things work on a much more detailed scale, and so much more.


On behalf of Cloud Sites and all of Rackspace, we are so thankful for all that you do, Jesse! Congratulations and keep up the amazing work! To see more information on what all Jesse and his team have accomplished for you, visit us at