April Cloud Sites Impact Award Winner: Jereme Hancock

Cloud Sites by Rackspace has honored Jereme Hancock with the Impact Award for the month of April!

There are many reasons to honor Jereme, from his positive attitude to his go-getter mentality, but for this month Jereme was chosen specifically for his part in developing our partnership with CodeGuard and making crucial improvements for our billing team. Upon receiving the award, Jereme expressed, “I feel very honored to be recognized by my peers. It is awesome to work somewhere that you are empowered to make decisions that really have an impact.”

Jereme’s incredible passion for Cloud Sites was proven when he spent his spare time to create the Zipit Backup Utility to give our customers a simple-to-use GUI interface for managing backups for Cloud Sites. CodeGuard was so impressed and inspired by what Jereme had created that they began the steps to build a partnership with Cloud Sites. Because of Jereme’s unbridled construction of such a crucial tool for our Cloud Sites customers, all of our customers now have the opportunity to have an enterprise level back up solution at an incredibly competitive price.

Along with such a major step in our ability to provide for our customers, Jereme continued to make necessary moves, out of his jurisdiction, to improve Cloud Sites by creating a tool that gives our billing team the ability to manually invoice for our domain registration. Continually adding a new meaning to Fanatical Support®, Jereme explains, “To me, Fanatical Support is doing everything that I can to allow our customer to do what they do best at running their business.”

This three-year Racker has always shown dedication to Rackpace from his experience as a Support Tech, Linux Admin, Automation Engineer, and now to his current role as Product Manager. Jereme rises to every occasion and has brought so much determination to each role, which he explains is because, “I love Cloud Sites and have always felt that it was a great product with an even greater potential. I am excited about what the future holds.”

Jereme began his college career in his home state at the University of South Alabama and later attended Northwestern Oklahoma State University where he obtained his BS in Business Administration. We are more pleased than ever that he found his way to San Antonio, and are so honored to have Jereme as a team member of Cloud Sites by Rackspace. Congratulations, Jereme! We appreciate you!