Cloud Sites' Fanatical Support® Wins Again

In 2007, Federico G. D’Onofrio and his team began their journey creating their business, the hosting provider known as OnSite ICT. At such an exciting time in Federico’s career, he was only met with frustration; hopping from provider to provider to only be let down creating a suffering business. That is until he stumbled upon an organization he would later recognize as a colleague, Cloud Sites by Rackspace.
OnSite At a Glance

OnSite resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the city of Martinez.
As a major provider of web based systems and websites for businesses like real estate companies, sites with online shopping carts, and corporate sites, just to name a few, the care for their customers via their provider was very crucial.

The Argentine business was desperate for a committed provider and was continuously hitting a dead end. “The first provider I used had very poor support and inappropriate hardware. I had lots of problems. My clients would call me and I didn’t know what to say, so I would call my provider and they would never give a direct explanation,” says OnSite director Federico G. D’Onofrio. Moving onto the next provider, they were happy to see an improvement in the infrastructure; however, the new provider still fell short. In this new experience Federico found that, “problems still haunted me because this provider was not as professional as they needed to be. In more than one occasion they allowed or caused the whole system to fail.”

As the years passed in their efforts to heal the wounds caused by poor providers, Federico and his team searched for the world’s leader in managed hosting, and whom else did they find, but Cloud Sites by Rackspace. After speaking to Cloud Sites’ representatives in an investigative effort, Federico became a Cloud Sites client. “Since that day, ‘hosting problems’ are something I have yet to experience, “explains Federico. The Cloud Sites team explained their dedication to his company and that if any problem was to arise, then Cloud Sites, as his team, takes ownership. Federico recalls that “Little things happen and do not work as expected, but if that has happened, then I contacted Cloud Sites by phone or chat, and they always knew what was going on and how much time it would take to solve – and that, my friend, is exactly what my business needed.”

OnSite Team
OnSite partners (left to right) Augusto Adamoli, 22; Pablo Chenu, 37; and Federico D’Onofrio, 37.

OnSite came to Cloud Sites looking for more than just a standard provider. With our Fanatical Support®, commitment to our customers, and dependable infrastructure, we are what Federico and all of our clients need – a partner. In the first year alone as a Cloud Sites customer, OnSite’s revenue rose an astounding 159.44%. And since joining three years ago, their continued success has increased by another 365.83%. Federico said it best, “As you can see, becoming a Cloud Sites client is maybe the best decision I made in my business, ever.” We are happy to have you and are more than proud to be a part of OnSite’s success!