Cloud Sites Announces July Impact Award Honoree: Tony Barrera

Cloud Sites’s most prestigious award has been earned by Cloud Sites Manager of Operations, Tony Barrera!

Tony is a valued member at Cloud Sites who has always been more than willing to jump in wherever he can be of assistance to any of his fellow Rackers and customers. A tenured Racker who leads by example by simply doing the right thing by his team and always what is best for the customer. Aside from his own achievement, Tony operates by consistently recognizing his team members on the Operations team while touting their accomplishments on a regular basis.

Tony came to Rackspace just 10 years ago after attending ITT Technical Institute where he studied with strong focus on Computer Networking Systems. Joining Rackspace at the very beginning, Tony has been loyal to the team ever since. Starting off as a third party support specialist for Cloud Sites in the early days of Mosso, Tony has proven his talent and dedication as he has continued to express commitment to the growth and improvement of the great Cloud Sites product where his now serves as a valued leader.

While the list of Tony’s accomplishments for Cloud Sites is one too large to count, one if his most recent successes is that of leading his team through the biggest high traffic event in the history of Cloud Sites by Rackspace. At over 1.6 billions page requests over the 4-week FIFA World Cup, Tony led his team in collaboration to configure the load balancers and Windows Systems for an astonishing seamless high traffic event.

At 153 million hits a day for our high traffic event customer on top of all of our other customers, Tony fearlessly led his team and humbling reminded us all that his talented team was the source of all the success. On behalf of Cloud Sites by Rackspace, we thank all of the Operations Team and we congratulate Tony Barrera on an incredible win and thank him for his dedication to always making Cloud Sites better than ever!