Cloud Sites Announces Impact Award Honoree: Linda Rutherford

Cloud Sites’ most prestigious award has been presented to Cloud Sites Support Technician II, Linda Rutherford!

Linda is valued member of the Cloud Sites team from her desire to serve to her hard working positive attitude. A truly fanatical Racker, Linda exemplifies what it means to be committed to an inspiring mission in producing quality work for the Cloud Sites and customer efforts. Linda is known for her above and beyond determinations whether it is in direct benefit of her support team or our valued customers.

Linda was raised in Dayton, Ohio right up until she entered the Air Force. After 20 years of serving our country, Linda and her family settled down in San Antonio, Texas. Linda’s passion led her to the Open Cloud Academy at Rackspace. After pursuing this next step in her career, Linda graduated from the Open Cloud Academy where she left Rackspace with quite the impression – she was hired nearly immediately.

With Cloud Sites by Rackspace, Linda does so much more for Cloud Sites and our customers than what can be told of her efforts on the phones. Her initiative to help led her to provide statistical analysis of drivers of support and identified critical areas of focus for both the Support and Operations teams at Cloud Sites. During this process, in true Linda fashion, she went even further by helping launch multiple projects in efforts to improve the customer experience even further.

Being fanatical truly defines a Racker, and as Linda explained, “I like helping people, either the customer or our fellow support folks. It is a true pleasure to help someone.” Thanks to the support of her loving family and her pure passion for supporting Cloud Sites, Linda is truly fanatical.

Congratulations on your many accomplishments; on behalf of Cloud Sites, we thank you for your service, and we thank you for you continued determination and commitment to making Cloud Sites better everyday.