A Cloud descends from the Storm: What happened to the Storm platform?

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Not long ago we posted an article teasing our new logo, new website and our new look in general. We are now getting very close to the official launch of our new website!

With this rollout right around the corner, I thought it was a good time to go over a change you may notice. Off the bat, there’s a lot new to notice; our new website looks a lot different than our current site. So, with that in mind we don’t want you to feel like you missed something when we switch over.

One of the larger changes involves our Storm brand of products. On our new website we’ve started using the more standard term Cloud rather than our Storm moniker. So with this change, our Storm products change as follows:

  • Storm Cloud Servers are now simply Cloud Servers
  • Storm Dedicated is now Cloud Dedicated
  • Storm Private Cloud is now Cloud Private Server, or Private Cloud
  • Storm Block Storage is now Cloud Block Storage
  • Storm Object Storage is now Cloud Object Storage

And so on.

Pretty easy to remember, right? You’re still working off the same great Cloud hosting platform, just with a new name. For more information see the related KB article.

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