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Cloud Dedicated Server vs. Cloud VPS: How to Choose

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There are many options when it comes to hosting, and you have scoured all of them. You have researched both managed and VPS hosting servers, deciding that a VPS is going to be best for your business. Upon making your decision, you notice that you have finally narrowed your search down to cloud servers, but you notice there are still two different options to choose from: a Cloud Virtual Private Server (VPS) and a Cloud Dedicated Server.

Not to worry. We have put together a helpful guide that will help even the most indecisive business owner choose between VPS Hosting and Cloud Dedicated servers.

What are the Basic Similarities Between a Cloud Dedicated Server vs. VPS?

To start, let's look at how these servers are the same. Both the VPS and Cloud Dedicated exist as a piece of software running on a parent server with the hypervisor managing them. The virtual servers are clustered together under Liquid Web’s Cloud Platform. Users can move server instances between parent servers without needing to migrate data or reconfigure the server settings.

The single-tenant nature of these offerings is what makes them so attractive. Both servers have resources specific to the user, unlike shared hosting which shares resources across users. You get your own isolated environment where you can host your sites and applications without other users encroaching on your server and its resources.

Depending on the operating system you choose, you will have root or admin level access to the servers. You will be able to interface with the operating system and the server software for more control over how it interacts with your sites and apps. Each also comes with our Unmanaged, Core Managed, and Fully Managed server image options depending on your server management expertise.

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What are the Basic Differences?

While there are many similarities in these server options, there are also differences that will impact which will be the right fit for you.

How are CPU Resources Allocated on a Cloud Dedicated Server Vs VPS?

The Cloud VPS offers you dedicated resources with a shared CPU. What that means is that the parent server that houses your server instance is sharing the cores of the CPU among the child instances of the server. And while this may be true, it is also worth noting that your allocated CPU cores are only yours.

The Cloud Dedicated server, on the other hand, is the only instance on the parent. A unique situation such as this affords 100% of the CPU to that instance. It is truly dedicated and isolated from any other server instances.

Other Resources To Consider: RAM and Storage

Along the same line as the CPU, RAM and storage limits differ for each server as well. VPS will give you 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB of RAM and 40GB, 100GB, 150GB, and 200GB of SSD storage respectively. Because the instances share these resources on the parent servers they reside on, the offerings need to be somewhat restrictive.

By contrast, dedicated servers offer a bit more flexibility in resources. Cloud Dedicated servers provided by Liquid Web offer between 8GB and approximately 96GB of RAM and between 220GB and 3.7TB of storage in both SATA HDD and SSD formats. The amounts and types are designated on each instance.

What is the Cost Difference Between a Cloud Dedicated Server vs. VPS?

One of the most significant differences that almost make the buying decision for most customers is cost, and that is not different when comparing a Cloud Dedicated Server vs a VPS. While it would be a jump for customers coming from Shared Hosting environments, VPS Hosting still provides a low-cost, fully managed server with scalability when you need more “oomph” out of your server.

With a Cloud Dedicated server, the cost can vary when dealing with the potential of custom built instances for those that need other configurations. It makes for the best choice for customers that want the resources of a Dedicated Server without the cost.

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Use Cases for VPS

Let’s take a look at some of the most common uses for our Cloud VPS platform.

Customers Developing Their Sites and Applications

If you are in the development stages of your site or application, the Cloud VPS is an excellent environment for getting started. For those that are unsure of the resources they are going to need, they can start out small and resize to other server instances as needed. Once you have a clear framework for your project, you can then determine the resources you need. Many providers offer solutions for leading web applications, such as WordPress VPS hosting. 

Customers Hosting Small Sites and Applications

The Cloud VPS is plenty of server for small sites and applications. Whether you have static websites, low traffic sites, landing pages, or sites and apps with databases that have few requests, you can effectively run those projects without needing a large environment. It’s a fast and adequate solution that doesn’t break the bank.

Customers Needing File Storage in the Cloud

Not only can you use a VPS for hosting sites and apps, but files as well. Some businesses can’t host on-site servers for their employees to access files. A VPS is a great way to have the files in a centralized location where employees can access data as needed. By taking the proper measures to consistently backup your servers, you can have ease of mind knowing your information is secure while your employees maintain access to any and all necessary data.

Customers Looking for a Centralized Environment for Document Sharing and Collaboration

As in the example of file storage, you can also create infrastructure via the cloud to allow for sharing and collaboration. Once your data is stored off-site with a hosting provider, you can create secure connectivity for your employees to be able to collaborate, share, store, and access data effortlessly.

And with a managed provider, you can ensure that your environment is secure and easy to recover in a disaster.


Use Cases for Cloud Dedicated

Here are a few of the typical ways that our Cloud Dedicated customers are using our platform.

Customers Hosting Resource Intensive Sites and Applications

For those whose sites require more out of their server, the Cloud Dedicated server gives you the resources you need while leveraging the flexibility the Cloud platform gives. You can use the dedicated CPU cores of a single or dual processor server to feed that resource hungry project. Resize to other Cloud Dedicated server offerings as needed to give you the required specifications.

Customers Hosting Multiple Sites and Applications

There are also developers, creatives, and agencies that host multiple sites and applications. Having many projects with a diverse assortment of needs requires a server that is up to the task. Having a truly dedicated server with the storage and processing power to do the heavy lifting can save you time and money.

Customers Hosting Databases

The Cloud Dedicated server is the right choice for those that need to collect, store, and transmit data quickly and efficiently. If your server is being bogged down by frequent requests and queries, you need the single threaded performance a dedicated CPU gives you. And having more storage than a VPS only ensures that you have enough room without having to make frequent changes to your configuration.

Resellers Who Need Easy Scalability

Resellers can also benefit from Cloud Dedicated servers. In most cases, they need the ability to host tons of sites as well as the flexibility to expand as they take on more clients and projects. And with Liquid Web’s Reseller Partner program you can take advantage of other benefits to not just resell a portion of your server but resell our cloud servers as well.

Choosing between Cloud Dedicated Server vs VPS

Should I Buy VPS Hosting?

Strongly consider VPS packages if you are:

  • On a tight budget and don't have a large project
  • Not needing a ton of processing power and storage
  • Just starting out developing your website or application
  • Hosting small sites or apps
  • Requiring file storage in the cloud
  • In need of a centralized environment for document sharing and collaboration

Should I Buy Cloud Dedicated Server?

Strongly consider purchasing Cloud Dedicated if you are:

  • Requiring more resources than a VPS
  • In need of more processing power and storage than a VPS
  • Beyond the development stage or know that your development needs exceed a VPS
  • Hosting resource intensive sites or apps
  • Hosting multiple websites and apps
  • Hosting databases
  • Reselling hosting and need a scalable solution

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Still undecided about Cloud Dedicated Server vs. VPS for your business or application? We're happy to help. Reach out to speak to one of our experts today. Or, to learn more about Liquid Web and our services, check out our hosting plans.

Dedicated Server Frequently Asked Questions

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