How To Close More Sales With Ease

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Are you are tired of being just another choice? Tired of chasing new clients so you can convince them of your value?

You’re in the right place.

It’s easier than you think to attract clients who value what you do, are happy to pay your full rate and are excited to get started. It’s easier than you think to close the sale and land a new client for your agency. All you have to do is:

  1. Make saying yes easy by positioning yourself as the best and only choice
  2. Become a sought-after solution that is different than anyone else offering the same services
  3. Create a sales call framework to support you when speaking with prospects

Let’s review each of these three steps in more detail…

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Establish Authority Positioning

Authority positioning convinces prospective clients of your value and persuades them to take action on their own without the need for a sales pitch.

To close a new sales and secure a new client faster, it is imperative that they show up to the sales call already having self-identified as an ideal client. You want them to have made the decision that they want to work with you and on the sales call simply want to confirm you’re the expert you say you are.

You can position yourself as an authority in your niche by:

  • Publishing blog posts, whitepapers, and videos that deliver solutions to your prospects problems and challenges
  • Posting content regularly on the social media platforms your ideal clients are active on and offering tips, tools, information, and resources
  • Writing and publishing a book
  • Receiving endorsements from other trusted experts
  • Publishing opinion and thought leadership pieces on your industry and niche
  • Sharing what you know by speaking at live and virtual events and on podcasts and radio shows
  • Paying it forward and answering questions in forums, online communities, and social media groups
  • Being mentioned or featured in the media
  • Writing guests posts for authority blogs your ideal clients read
  • Sharing client success stories, testimonials, and case studies
  • Volunteering in key positions at industry events
  • Building relationships with influencers who offer complimentary services to the same audience
Man closing more sales with ease

Become A Sought-After Solution

Becoming a sought-after solution is all about differentiation and if you do it right, it means that you no longer have to chase clients because they are chasing you.

To stand apart from the competition and be incomparable, you need a toolbox full of unique high-value tools you can use to close sales with ease. You want to show up as an undeniable expert, a trusted leader, and a confident service provider so prospects feel like reaching out to you was the best decision they could have made.

You can position yourself as a sought-after solution by:

Answering the Phone and Talking to People

When making an investment that feels big, most people want to talk to someone first to ask a question, confirm details, or simply make sure you’re legitimate.

While more and more service providers are avoiding the phone altogether, this creates an opportunity for you. Make it a habit to always answer the phone when you can, gather the information you need to see if the client/project could be a fit, and schedule a follow-up call when you have more time.

Create Your Own Proprietary System

No one feels good about hiring someone who is flying by the seat of their pants or winging it. With a repeatable, dependable, proven system in place, you now have something your competition doesn’t: you can demonstrate your professionalism and commitment to quality, and every client is guaranteed a consistently remarkable experience.

Include Valuable Bonuses in Your Packages

Prospective clients are going to compare you with your competitors. When they’re comparing apples to apples and they can’t see an obvious difference, they will make a decision based on price and when that happens, no one wins. Adding bonuses to your packages not only makes price shopping difficult because clients now have to compare apples to steaks but adds value to your offer.

They key is making sure any bonuses included help the client move the needle in an area complementary to your core offering or in a way that supports your work together.

When Speaking at a Live Event, Ask to Go First

If you deliver a fantastic presentation, attendees will seek you out after your talk to ask questions, chat you up, take photos, and tell you how much they enjoyed your talk. If you speak on the last day or at the end of an event, there is little opportunity to leverage this event fame. That’s why when speaking at an event, you should ask to speak first or as early in the lineup as possible so attendees will seek you out throughout the remainder of the event.

When event attendees are seeking you out, introducing themselves to you, and praising you, you’ll appear important to those who don’t know you, they’ll take notice, and they’ll want to know more.

Above All Else, Do Amazing Work

All the branding, marketing, and positioning work in the world can’t overcome a poor experience or lackluster end product. To consistently attract ideal clients, lucrative leads, and referrals that convert with ease, you need to do the work, put in the time, and improve your skills. Focus on doing such great work that it speaks for itself and your reputation becomes unparalleled.

Create A Sales Call Framework

Everything covered so far has been about getting prospects to self-identify as an ideal client, decide that you are the best and only choice, and seek you out. The next step is hosting a sales call to close the deal.

If you’re like most business owners, hosting a sales calls isn’t your favorite part of client services. In fact, it might be your least favorite part and that’s because, without a framework, sales calls can go south fairly quickly.

man on a sale call

Sales calls go bad when:

  1. You’re doing all the talking (hint: the call isn’t about you, it’s about the client)
  2. You’re giving away free consulting (hint: the client doesn’t need consulting, they need help making a decision)
  3. You don’t ask for the sale (hint: you must get comfortable asking for money)

On the other hand, sales calls go great when:

  1. You ask a lot of questions and the client does most of the talking
  2. You understand why they are taking action now and the potential benefits they desire
  3. The client asks about next steps and how to get started instead of you pitching your services

To practically guarantee success on every sales call, you need to create a sales call framework for your business; one that walks you through a typical sales conversation step by step. With a framework in place to guide the conversation, you can show up confident in your leadership because you’ll know what to ask, what to say, and the order in which to say it.

Here’s a typical outline of a successful sales call:

STEP 1: Get Acquainted

  • Find out where the client is at right now and why is this project important
  • Discover whether or not you can solve their problem and are a great fit
  • Get a taste of what working together could look like

STEP 2: Give Great News

  • Let the client know that the project is a great fit and that you’re excited about it
  • Help the client feel like reaching out was a great idea
  • Wait quietly for the client to ask about your services

STEP 3: Gather More Details

  • To provide the best information and the most accurate recommendations, you need to ask a few more questions.
  • Get information on the project requirements, timeline, and budget
  • If the prospective client doesn’t want to share budget numbers, let them know that without numbers you’d be making a guess and that isn’t the best use of time for either of you

STEP 4: Share Your Offer

  • Explain your best offer or package and the total investment amount
  • Review what’s included
  • Communicate the benefits and why it’s a perfect fit for the client

STEP 5: Share Next Steps

  • Communicate what happens next and ease their nerves
  • Let the client know you will send them a proposal so they can review everything in writing
  • Be available to answer questions

STEP 6: Celebrate Together

  • Show your excitement about working with the client and starting the project
  • Reassure them that you will help solve their problem and help them achieve their biggest goals

That’s it. In six steps, the prospective client will feel heard, valued, and understood. Throughout the course of the call, you persuaded them to take action, all without any pushy selling.

So remember, if you are tired of being another choice and tired of chasing new clients so you can convince them of your value, all you need to do is:

  1. Make saying yes easy by positioning yourself as the best and only choice
  2. Become a sought-after solution that is different than anyone else offering the same services
  3. Create a sales call framework to support you when speaking with prospects
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