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How are you pushing website content out to your customers across the world? A CDN, or Content Delivery Network, can help speed up your content delivery no matter where your customers visit from. CDNs have grown in popularity and now serve more than half of all consumer traffic online. In this edition of “60 Seconds with Liquid Web” J. Mays explains how this technology will help you serve your site visitors faster.

Video Transcription:

A C-D-N, or Content Delivery Network, puts your website content closer to your visitors

That means:

Faster Load Times
Redundant Content
Happier Visitors (Yey! sound effect)

Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you run a popular blog, and you write a post about … say … Grumpy Cat. (Meow!)

That blog is hosted in a data center. Your customers visit from around the world, and they all connect back to that data center.

While this way works fine, and it’s traditional, we can speed things up by shifting that content far and wide.

With CDN, you get access to a global network of servers that host your content physically closer to your visitors.

This means that when your visitors check-out your blog to download that picture of Grumpy Cat, they’re actually downloading it from a CDN node close to them.

Faster Grumpy Cat… happier customers.

For more information visit our CDN page at My name is J., thanks for watching, and that’s CDN in 60 seconds.
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