Five Red Flags to Look for When Choosing a Hosting Company

5 Red Flags to Look For When Choosing a Hosting Company
Imagine you’re planning to open a physical storefront, and you are looking at a few different malls:

  • Your first choice is a location that’s well-maintained, with an owner who’s well put-together and polite. The mall is clean, well-lit, and with excellent security. The trade-off is that the rent is a little high — nothing you can not afford, but enough to put a dent in your budget. That said, the lease is month-to-month.
  • Your second choice looks as well-maintained as the first, but there’s something a bit off about your landlord. They are dodgy when you ask questions about specifics such as security and maintenance, and seem interested in little save rushing you along to sign the lease.
  • Your last choice is not especially impressive — it is dirty and poorly maintained, and located in a bad neighborhood. The owner seems nice enough. It is also quite cheap.

Given the choice, most of you would probably go with option one, right? It is better-maintained, the owner is reputable, and there are not likely to be any nasty surprises waiting for you after you sign the lease, which does not require a huge commitment. The same logic can be applied to searching for a hosting company. Continue reading “Five Red Flags to Look for When Choosing a Hosting Company”

Web Hosting Focused on You Stands Out in a Competitive World

Recently, T.C. Doyle, the Senior Content Director of Channel Brands at Penton Technology, interviewed our CEO, Jim Geiger, and CTO, Joe Oesterling, about how and why Liquid Web stands out in the web hosting industry. They discussed Liquid Web’s number one priority: to help web-dependent professionals, like yourself, find reliable web hosting with a friendly and highly-trained staff. Since your business depends on the web, we know that choosing your web host is an important decision. After all, if your site or application goes down, your business is in trouble.

The Doyle Report  Is Liquid Web the Most Distinct Company In Hosting    IaaS content from Talkin  Cloud Continue reading “Web Hosting Focused on You Stands Out in a Competitive World”

Providing You Amazing Support with Red Hat Training

Providing You Amazing Support Through Red Hat Training

The ability to quickly reach a technician who can help solve your problems can’t be overvalued. That’s why we’ve been working with Red Hat Training and Certification to improve our customer support experience. We want make sure that every time you call our support line, you reached someone who is properly trained and can help solve your issues quickly. Continue reading “Providing You Amazing Support with Red Hat Training”

Cyber Security Lessons You Need to Remember

Cyber Security Lessons You Need to RememberThere’s nothing scarier than losing your identity or finding out all of your critical data is gone – that’s why there is an entire month celebrating online security. This October is the 13th National Cyber Security Awareness Month – an event hosted by the Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance encouraging everyone to do their part to keep their online lives safe and secure. As a web host, we’re well aware of the part we play in this constant effort – and we follow stringent security practices both in our offices and our data centers.

We also make an effort to share best practices and tips to our customers, helping them become more secure. We sat down with a few members of our Security Team at Liquid Web and asked them what are the most common misconceptions they often need to counteract with online security. While you’re soaking in all the tips shared during this month, make sure to keep these ideas in mind. Continue reading “Cyber Security Lessons You Need to Remember”

5 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Web Hosting Provider

5 Signs It's Time to Find a New Web Hosting Provider
It’s a Monday like any other Monday – at least that’s how it starts. But at 11 AM, just as you’re finishing your third cup of coffee, your office phone lights up like a Saturday night in Vegas. Your inbox spits out new emails so quickly that you can’t read the subject line of one before ten more appear. Your mobile phone dances across your desk, buzzing like a hive of angry bees.

A sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, you stare helplessly at your phone, computer, and mobile. Picking one, you answer the mobile. It’s your CTO, and the sick sensation morphs into an outright panic when she explains that everything has crashed. “We’re down, and I don’t know when we’ll be back up,” she says, and you have no response that will make this particular Monday a good day. Continue reading “5 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Web Hosting Provider”

How Reliable Managed Hosting Boosts Your Credibility

The right managed hosting provider gives you the many hands you need to support your clients.
Credibility counts.

When your business has it, it says that your customers can believe what you say and trust you to deliver on your promises. In the increasingly competitive business of web design and digital marketing, it can mean the difference between failure and success for your company. Your credibility will not only help you win over new customers, but help assuage existing customers when they have doubts. It’s the difference between losing your clients when a new, lower-priced option appears and keeping their loyalty and confidence that you’re offering them the best value. Credibility is the most important asset you have.

So how do you build credibility – and how do you maintain it? Continue reading “How Reliable Managed Hosting Boosts Your Credibility”

Boost Conversions with Expert E-commerce Site Performance Tips

Boost Conversions with Improved E-Commerce Site Performance
Did you know that the latest statistics quote shopping cart abandonment rates at a whopping 68.63% on e-commerce websites? That accounts for over two-thirds of your business’ potential sales! The question then arises, how can your e-commerce business overcome such a high abandonment rate and increase sales? The answer: improved e-commerce site performance. Even one second shaved off your page load times can boost conversions by 7%! Continue reading “Boost Conversions with Expert E-commerce Site Performance Tips”

Is Your E-Commerce Site an Obstacle to Customer Loyalty?

Use Your Website to Create Loyal E-commerce CustomersWhen building an e-commerce business, customer loyalty is important – especially because it costs six to seven times more to acquire new customers than keep existing ones. With that in mind, any prudent e-commerce growth strategy should include efforts to encourage repeat customers. Step one in that process is to make them feel welcome with a fast and available website that helps them find exactly what they want, when they want it.
Continue reading “Is Your E-Commerce Site an Obstacle to Customer Loyalty?”

Prepare Your E-commerce Site for Traffic Surges

Prepare Your Site for Traffic Surges
Promotions, product launches, viral campaigns, and more all bring huge amounts of traffic to your site – but have you considered how that will affect the performance of your website? The worst thing that can happen during high traffic surges is a loss of revenue that results from a down website. In fact, 73% of small and medium sized businesses aren’t prepared for a sudden, 200% increase in traffic. The key to taking advantage of your incoming traffic without crashing your site is to optimize your server for high traffic loads with flexible hosting infrastructure. Use these tips to discuss how prepared your site is with your IT team and managed hosting provider. Continue reading “Prepare Your E-commerce Site for Traffic Surges”

How to Protect Your E-commerce Site From Cyber Attacks

Protect Your E-Commerce Business from Cyber Attacks
Small or medium sized e-commerce business are among the most targeted by cyber attacks. In fact, three out of every five cyber attacks are targeted at SMBs – and 38% of attacks in 2015 were e-commerce breaches. When you combine those two statistics, it paints a bleak future for e-commerce businesses – one full of security breaches and angry customers. If you need proof of the potential backlash of security breaches, look no further than either eBay’s or Home Depot’s major hacks in 2014. Those companies quickly learned that if you’re not protecting your customers’ data, then you can expect loss of customer trust, revenue, and brand tarnishment.

However, when it comes to protecting your business from cyber attacks, there is no lack of things to keep track of. Just the sheer amount of attack types and vectors is enough to intimidate the conscientious business owner. In order to better protect your business, make sure your team is educated on the most common types of attacks that might affect your business. Armed with this knowledge, your team can take further steps to protect your customers’ private data. Continue reading “How to Protect Your E-commerce Site From Cyber Attacks”