Supporting Random Logic Games As They Rocket Up The iTunes Charts

After only a year and a half in business as a mobile and social game company, Random Logic Games, suddenly saw one of their games quickly rise up the ranks in the iTunes App & Google Play stores. In January of this year, their Guess the 90’s game exploded in popularity, triggering a much-needed expansion of their hosting environment. Since then, their new and expanded environment has been able to sustain other games in their product line growing in popularity, including their Guess the Emoji game, which is now listed in the top five free games in the iTunes App and Google Play store.
Random Logic Games
President of Random Logic Games Andrew Stone said Liquid Web was recommended to him back in 2012 by a friend who remarked on our reliable hosting and Heroic Support. At the start, Stone said, his company required a basic setup for hosting, which consisted of a single dedicated server. However, after the Guess the 90’s game rocketed up the charts and their server’s concurrent users increased 60 times over from 50 per day to 3,000 per day, he was in need of a more powerful solution.

“It was an insane increase,” Stone said. “We were scrambling to handle the traffic. At the time we knew very little about servers and relied on the Liquid Web team to help us out.”

After studying the setup that was supporting Random Logic Games, our technicians recommended a more powerful environment with the following features:

The OCFS2 volume provided Random Logic Games with managed file replication, allowing their files to update across multiple nodes automatically. In addition, the load balancer directed the flow of their now very high traffic volumes. Since implementing the new setup, our team has worked closely with Random Logic Games over the last few months to refine and optimize the settings to ensure everything is running at peak performance.

“At this point our setup can handle the traffic we’re seeing,” Stone said. “Liquid Web’s support has been excellent. There is always someone to answer the phone and emails. We’re looking forward to continued growth.”

With all the hard work that the team at Random Logic Games puts into their trivia and word games, we’re proud of their recent success and are happy we were able to help them scale up their hosting environment to support their new needs. With the support of our OCFS2 cluster, load balancer and the hard work of our Heroic Support team, we’re confident that Random Logic Games can continue growing – and we’ll be here to support them every step of the way.

Pairing a Powerful Reseller Plugin with the Private Cloud

WHMCS Plugin for Storm Private Cloud
If you’re a web hosting reseller and you haven’t taken advantage of our latest product release that marries the easy-to-use WHMCS plugin with our feature-laden Storm Private Cloud, then you may be missing out. Our WHMCS plugin allows resellers to integrate their accounts with our Storm Platform API and provides them with the capability to easily resell our Storm on Demand, Liquid Web VPS, SSD VPS, and Bare Metal products. Since its release, we’ve received an abundance of positive feedback from our customers that were already enjoying the many benefits of our Reseller program. The addition of the powerful WHMCS plugin to their reselling business not only simplified their operations but also enhanced their customer relations.
One of the early adopters of the plugin, Tecknologics, has been grateful for the ease of use and the positive feedback they’ve seen from their customers.

“We started using the Storm Private Cloud and Storm Billing WHMCS plugins when they were first released,” said Tecknologics CEO Balaji Sankaranarayanan. “Since then, the happiest moments for us have been when our clients praised their ability to order, monitor, and manage their cloud instance easily, along with other services they avail from us. Your plugins have really taken the stress off our shoulders. Now that we have effortless deployment of server resources, we are able to focus more on sales and support.”

The benefits for Resellers of using the WHMCS plugin alongside our Storm Private Cloud are multitudinous and include the ability to:

  • Automate deployment of Storm Private Cloud instances
  • Customize hosting packages and instance sizes
  • Maximize profit with integrated billing and price control

In addition, as Tecknologics discovered, customers of resellers will have much more autonomy with their hosting accounts. These benefits come with the already present benefit our basic WHMCS plugin, which allows customers of resellers to deploy/restart/restore server, automate cancellation requests, manage domains, automate emails and billing, and integrate merchants to Paypal and other tools.

We work hard at Liquid Web to ensure we are providing our customers with everything they need to be successful. To that end, we’ve ensured that the benefits provided by pairing the WHMCS plugin with our Storm Private Cloud are innumerable. If you are interested in learning more about how these two features can improve your reseller business, feel free to contact us at 800.580.4985 and see how our Heroic Support can help.

Have you taken advantage of the powerful WHMCS plugin? Tell us your story below!

Featured Client: Next Place, Real Estate Search Engine

Next Place
The house-hunting process can be an exhausting one, especially if you’re using more than one of the numerous search engines that are available. Next Place is looking to improve that experience, at least for those in the Australian real estate market. A real estate search engine, Next Place has separated itself from the competition by providing all of the available Australian and New Zealand properties into one easy-to-use site. Their success has garnered attention, particularly from the likes of their new investors John Corrie of Morgans Stockbroking and Michael Millner, Deputy Chairman of the publicly listed Brickworks Limited (ASX:BKW). Those investments have Next Place looking forward to developing even more rapidly.

The recent investments in are a testament to the growth they have seen in the Australian real estate market, where they have become a disruptive force among their competitors. Next Place stands out in the market with their unique website offering two main search features.

  • Draw Your Search – allowing users to draw out a specific area in which they would like to find a property.
  • Simple Language Search – allowing users to use “plain english” phrases, numeric values and the minus symbol to exclude features.

Case StudyWe provided Next Place with many advantages including reliable infrastructure, access to our 24/7/365 Heroic Support, proactive monitoring, software and database services, high availability, managed engineering, and scalability planning. Our technicians worked with the Next Place team to build their hosting environment on the Liquid Web Storm Platform, which allows them to easily maintain their fast and comprehensive real estate service. Read our Next Place Case Study to learn more about the details behind their hosting environment. Our Storm Platform provides them with the ability to instantly create and destroy instances, providing them with a neverending stream of new deployments crawling 400% more agent websites than they were previously able to reach. This, in addition to the excellent support and hosting advice Next Place has received, has made Liquid Web extremely valuable to Director Dan Tarasenko.

“It seems that these engineers can see around corners and quite often advise me on — or implement solutions to — my problems before they even appear,” Tarasenko said.

We’re excited to be working with Next Place as they continue to grow and take the Australian real estate market by storm.

Giving Back with Office Supply Startup Chalkfly

Chalkfly Logo
Do you remember the last time you bought office supplies? Did you drive to a big box store, shuffle through the many aisles, wait in a long, slow line, and finally drive home feeling frustrated with the whole experience? If so, then you know that shopping for office supplies can be mundane and time consuming – but Chalkfly has changed it for the better. Utilizing Liquid Web’s Storm Platform, the Detroit-based startup has turned the office supply industry on its head with an easy-to-use eCommerce website accessible by schools, businesses and the general public.

The online office supply startup was launched by brothers Andrew and Ryan Landau, with the goal of creating a forward-thinking, socially responsible business. The brothers saw potential in the office and school supply industry, but wanted to innovate how people shopped for those supplies in a way that also addressed larger issues. This gave way to a unique mission that has propelled Chalkfly into the spotlight with articles in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, TechCrunch and HomePage
The resulting outcome was an easy-to-navigate website that only serves as the tip of the iceberg for Chalkfly. The company also offers 365-day returns, incredible customer service, and free next day shipping. What really sets Chalkfly apart from their competition is their policy of giving back to teachers nationwide. Five percent of every purchase goes to the customer’s teacher of choice, helping to alleviate the out-of-pocket costs many teachers pay for school supplies.

Read the Chalkfly Case Study
The success Chalkfly has seen with their unique business model relies on a flexible and scalable online presence. Chalkfly was able to set up their hosting environment on our Storm Platform, a Liquid Web cloud product with many flexible features. Their eCommerce site was expected to undergo a number of traffic spikes, due to press coverage, approaching school years and other factors. Our Storm Platform provided them with a scalable environment that is more than capable of handling any number of traffic spikes, and also allows them to test and develop on the demand. In addition, Liquid Web’s 24/7/365 on-site Heroic Support ensures they have no problem reaching a highly trained technician who is familiar with their specific deployment and is on hand to address any of their needs.

“LiquidWeb provides us reliable, scalable hosting that has grown with our company, coupled with fast and knowledgeable tech support when we need it.” – Evan Steiner, Director of Engineering

We’re proud to work with Chalkfly as their business grows and hope to see even more success for them in the future. If you’d like to learn more about how our Storm Platform can help your business grow, feel free to contact our team via LiveChat or call at 1-800-580-4985.

What teacher would you support by purchasing office supplies through Chalkfly? Let us know in the comments below!

Celebrating Customer Relationships: Our 5 Favorite Customer Support Stories

Celebrating Customer Relationships
This Valentine’s Day we’re celebrating our customers (that’s YOU!). We know our customers depend on our services to keep their businesses running and that’s something we don’t take for granted. To commemorate the special customer relationships we’ve built, we talked to a few of our support techs to hear about their favorite customer interactions over the years. The stories we heard often required the techs to go above and beyond our traditional services – we call this “Best Effort Support” – and sometimes the questions our callers had didn’t even relate to the web hosting industry! However, we are devoted to helping all of our customers. In the interest of lending a helping hand our technicians have done some pretty extraordinary things to keep the Heroic – and Valentine – spirit alive.

  1. Digging For Data

    Lost data is bad, but it’s even worse when an old partner is the one who deleted that data. Unfortunately, one customer had all of his data deleted out of spite by an ex-partner. Desperate, he called Liquid Web for help, hoping beyond hope that we would find a way to recover what he’d lost. It looked unlikely at first that we would be able to help, since even the customer’s backups were gone, until our support tech found an old external backup server. The support tech found the server by tracing some information deeper and deeper in a series of logs and was even able to piece together the password for entry. At the end of the day, all that digging for data led to one very relieved customer.

  2. Recipe Swapping

    Often during conversations with customers, our support techs find themselves making new friends. After solving one customer’s issue, our support tech learned about the customer’s affinity in the kitchen. The ensuing brief conversation ended in recipe swapping – and a happy customer. We also have it on good authority that the recipe our support tech received was delicious!

  3. Have A Drink On Me

    When particularly difficult issues arise, we encourage our support techs to work as long as they need to on the issue to solve it for the customer. When one customer lost data due to a broken update, a few of our support technicians stayed many hours past their shift to solve the issue. When the data was recovered, the customer was so grateful he sent a surprise gift the next day: a thank-you bottle of scotch.

  4. Tractor Parts R US

    Sometimes we have people who call in confused about the services Liquid Web offers. One of our support techs answered a call from a man who needed to find a specific part number … for his John Deere tractor. Once the support tech realized the man had called the wrong number, he kindly provided the man with John Deere’s website, phone number, and even looked up the part number he was looking for in the first place. Definitely above and beyond!

  5. Can I Have Your Number?

    Web hosting is an industry that not everyone understands, and we occasionally get phone calls from people who assume a company that hosts websites is also a directory of online information. One support technician had such a call from someone who needed the phone number for a local plumber. The technician, realizing the caller had confused Liquid Web for an Internet directory, simply looked up the number and provided it. The caller was grateful and our support tech was happy to help.

We’re happy to take all of your phone calls and emails regarding any topic because we love our customers and value the relationships we’ve built with them. If you have a question regarding our services, feel free to pick up the phone (800-580-4985), send an email, or start a LiveChat. We’ll be more than happy to talk you!

Happy Valentine’s Day, customers!

Uniting Engineers Across the World

According to the team behind the online community CrazyEngineers, it is engineers with crazy ideas that will change the world – and they prefer the word crazy, not insane. Crazy gives a positive spin to engineering, and the team encourages all of their members to strive for dreams that others may consider whacky. After meeting their team, we knew CrazyEngineers was a perfect fit for Liquid Web. Using our platform, the startup has been able to grow into able to grow into one of the largest and most successful engineering sites in the world.

The startup, which began in November 2005, has evolved into a popular destination for engineering professionals and students around the globe to exchange innovative ideas, share knowledge and otherwise help each other. With engineers from very diverse backgrounds, they are able to offer new and different perspectives for those who need it. They welcome anyone with an interest in engineering and technology as a member, regardless of their education level or profession, and currently have thousands of members from over 180 countries.

The goal of their online community, to connect engineers and help them work constructively on projects, has been able to grow even more with the help of Liquid Web. CrazyEngineers switched to Liquid Web after a negative experience with another host. With so many positive reviews for Liquid Web and how quickly we answered his questions, Founder & CEO Kaustubh Katdare decided to make the switch. We provided Katdare and CrazyEngineers with reliable infrastructure, access to our 24/7/365 Heroic Support and Proactive Monitoring, software and databases services, high availability and scalability planning. Katdare says that our Heroic Support was what originally attracted him to Liquid Web.

“On several occasions [the Heroic Support] has gone out of the way to help,” Katdare explained. “I think it reflects your culture – and that keeps me glued to your company.”

We’re proud to support CrazyEngineers in their efforts to connect engineers across the globe!

Congratulations to backstitch!

We’d like to send a hearty congratulations to backstitch, one of the startups supported by the Liquid Web Incubator Program, on the release of their latest update, backstitch 2.0! The Detroit-based company serves as an outlet for people looking to create their own, customized homepage, and is a testament to the positive outcomes possible through our Incubator Program.
The company allows users to create an all-in-one page tool to aggregate their customized content, and through this they have generated a bit of acclaim from news outlets like TechCrunch Magazine, Fox Business and CBS Detroit. Their latest update includes a multiple platform capability, a filter bar for enhanced search, and automated organization of content. This growth can be partially attributed to the powerful, flexible hosting our Incubator Program has provided, which also helped backstitch handle the increased traffic their new popularity has created. Co-Founder of backstitch, Jordan Warzecha, explained how Liquid Web’s support boosted the capabilities of his venture:

“The freedom to utilize Liquid Web’s excellent hosting products has opened the door to a faster, easier and more powerful offering for our users. With access to on-site staff, 24/7, they also have kept up with the long hours we’ve put in to achieve these advancements with backstitch 2.0.”

We’re proud of backstitch for the growth that they’ve experienced, just like we’re proud to support other entrepreneurs and startups through our comprehensive Incubator Program. Our program is specially designed to help kickstart ventures and entrepreneurs through free hosting, infrastructure and mentoring during their critical beginning stages. Benefits of the program include:

  • Up to $25,000 in free hosting
  • Heroic Support® team available 24/7/365
  • 24/7 Proactive monitoring
  • Cross-promotional opportunities
  • Infrastructure, software, and database services
  • High availability and scalability planning

The power of Incubator Programs such as ours is evident when you look at backstitch’s successes so far. Both backstitch and Liquid Web are confident in our partnership and we know the enhancements brought forth by this latest release will continue to advance their mission to reduce the noise of individuals’ online lives. In addition, our mission to further the development of entrepreneurs is also right on track – and we are always on the lookout for more startup ventures.

If you’d like to learn more about the Liquid Web Incubator Program, please call our Sales Team at 1-800-580-4985.

Learn More About the Liquid Web Incubator Program

Featured Client Game of Thrones Ascent by Disruptor Beam

Games of Thrones AscentDisruptor Beam, a social gaming company, decided to utilize a highly customized, hybrid environment to host their popular social game, Game of Thrones Ascent. The role playing game has seen incredible growth on Liquid Web’s Storm Platform and will see even more as the iPad version of the game is launched in the near future.

Disruptor Beam approached Liquid Web needing a highly specialized platform to develop and operate a game that was expected to have immediate popularity and high user saturation upon launch. And indeed, Game of Thrones Ascent was met with immediate success as the first ever social game based on the book series by George R. R. Martin and the popular HBO television series. Not only was the game immensely popular upon launch, but they expect to gain another 1-2 million installs when the tablet version of the game is released, possibly as fast as within the first 10 days. Our Storm Platform has been key to its rapid growth and will help sustain future growth because of the power and scalability necessary to develop and execute the game.

Among Disruptor Beam’s requirements for the game were fast and expandable storage, redundancy, and fault tolerance. Our technicians worked with Disruptor Beam to develop a custom, hybrid environment that met all of these requirements and more. The environment combines:
Read the Game of Thrones Case Study

  • Dedicated application servers equipped with SSD drives
  • Storm servers with on-demand scalability
  • Dedicated load balancers to provide redundancy and fault tolerance

Our solution allows Disruptor Beam to test and develop in an environment separate from the game’s production functions. It also keeps the game’s operations leaner and more cost-effective than a traditional hosting environment.

CEO and Founder of Disruptor Beam Jon Radoff said Liquid Web’s on-site, 24/7/365 Heroic Support has allowed them to make changes or attend to any potential troubleshooting quickly and seamlessly.

“What’s worked well for us at Liquid Web is the combination of dedicated servers for mission-critical, custom systems along with cloud-based nodes that we can scale up/down as needed,” Radoff said. “[Liquid Web’s Heroic Support] is something we could not take for granted. We need to make changes on the fly. Liquid Web’s ability to offer that played a big part in our decision.”

Enterprises Now Using Liquid Web Infrastructure to Leverage Big Data With Hadoop

Tapstream, an app marketing analytics company, utilizes Liquid Web’s unlimited resources to take advantage of one of the latest additions to our extensive list of services, Apache’s Hadoop. Tapstream provides feedback for app marketers and helps them acquire more users (and desired types of users) through a software that tracks which promotional methods are the most useful. Through the use of Hadoop, Tapstream has been able to combine, compare and find correlations amongst large datasets stored on clusters of Liquid Web’s servers.

With the placement of a simple JavaScript snippet on an app’s web pages, Tapstream ties each app download back to the original visit, revealing which external sites drive the best traffic. In addition, Tapstream also provides shortlinks to extend the conversion tracking down to a single tweet, email or a Google or Facebook ad unit. Utilizing Hadoop’s ability to handle variable structure data from many sources allows Tapstream to provide extremely detailed analytics to their customers, a feature that has been the foundation of their success.

Hadoop, a Java-based programming framework, supports the processing of large datasets in a distributed computing environment. With Hadoop, Liquid Web customers like Tapstream can run applications on systems with thousands of nodes in “server farms” involving thousands of terabytes of information. Furthermore, Hadoop’s cloud computing principles split a task apart, automatically, and reassign it to Liquid Web’s server clusters. The possibilities for such a powerful service in this era of “Big Data” are endless and in addition to Tapstream, it is utilized by many computing giants such as Facebook, eBay, IBM, Yahoo and Adobe. To learn what you need to do to run Hadoop on your server, visit our Knowledge Base for an explanation.

Benefits of Utilizing Hadoop:
Liquid Web Hadoop

  • Designed to Process Large Datasets
  • High Availability
  • Dynamic Data Model
  • Has Run Clusters as Large as 100 Petabytes
  • Consolidate Datasets of All Sizes
  • Superior Analytics
  • Linearly Scalable
  • Advanced User Control
  • Collect & Analyzes Mass Amounts of Data
  • Extremely Reliable
  • Highly Regarded Business Intelligence Tool

The rise of “Big Data” in today’s world means organizations have more and more data at their fingertips, but may not be able to utilize the data to its full potential. The combination of Liquid Web’s extensive resources and Hadoop’s powerful software make it easy to handle the growing number of large and complex datasets, smoothly transitioning businesses into a future of even bigger data.

If you’d like to learn more about Hadoop and how it can become indispensable to your business, Live Chat or call our team at 1-800-580-4985.

Learn More About the Liquid Web Hadoop

Preferred Partners: Duplika Internet Solutions

Duplika Internet Solutions, a professional web host in Buenos Aires, Argentina, provides hosting services and 24-hour support to a myriad of clients around the world. With eight years of experience and more than 5,000 clients, Duplika depends on a reliable backbone of services to keep their business growing and guarantee maximum performance and safety. At Liquid Web™, we’re proud to provide the foundation for this success through the support and infrastructure we provide Duplika, a preferred partner in our Reseller Program for many years.

Our Reseller Program develops partnerships between Liquid Web™ and businesses across the globe who are looking to grow their hosting services but don’t have the necessary infrastructure. Many smaller businesses, like Duplika, are able to build useful and profitable hosting enterprises of their own utilizing Liquid Web’s™ services. For example, resellers like Duplika are able take advantage of our Storm Platform and offer a cloud product under their own label. As a long-time partner, Duplika resells Liquid Web’s™ Storm Servers, Dedicated Servers and VPS.

The reseller program comes with many benefits, including incredibly deep discounts, free basic SSL certificates and at-cost domain registrations. In addition, reseller partners have access to lower bandwidth costs and prorated refunds upon server cancellations. Reseller partners only pay for what they use on dedicated servers and other hardware infrastructure. Other benefits of the program include:

  • Industry Leading 24/7/365 Heroic Support
  • Record Response/Resolution Times
  • Latest cPanel/WHM Options
  • Low Latency with Multiple Geographic Locations & CDN Available
  • Softaculous and Fantastico Put Hundreds of Options at Your Fingertips
  • Sonar Monitoring, Around the Clock, Alerting You to Threats
  • CloudLinux Available
  • Easy Access to Billing & eCommerce Software
  • Myriad Load Balancing, Backup, Security & Database options
  • Premium Tier-1, Highly Redundant Network
  • Free Migrations

While many web hosts offer reseller programs, few have Liquid Web’s™ stand-out reputation for industry leading response times, customer SLA’s and management. Our Heroic Support® team makes sure to explain problems and solutions as they fix them, so that knowledge can be passed along to their customers. In addition, Liquid Web™ dedicates highly trained staff to each account to prevent downtime, lost business and lost revenue. Our goal is to make resellers happy, so they can make their customers happy. According to Duplika’s Director and Owner, Juan Manuel Zolezzi Volpi, their experience with Liquid Web™ continues to be positive and instrumental to their growth.

“Liquid Web’s™ reseller program allows us to continue growing our hosting business, providing the best support and available guarantees, without having to worry about our server’s health,” Volpi said.

As Duplika knows, reseller hosting is a great way to expand your services as a web hosting provider. With our 24/7/365 support with Sonar Monitoring™ and a highly secure infrastructure, built across state-of-the-art facilities, we take the concerns and fears associated with Reseller Hosting out of the equation at Liquid Web™.

If you’re interested in expanding your hosting services, contact our sales team today! Call 1-800-580-4985 or use our Live Chat.

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