Boost Conversions with 6 Expert eCommerce Site Performance Tips

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Did you know that the latest statistics quote shopping cart abandonment rates at a whopping 68.63% on eCommerce websites? That accounts for over two-thirds of your business’ potential sales!

The question then arises, how can your eCommerce business overcome such a high abandonment rate and increase sales? The answer: improved eCommerce site performance. Even one second shaved off your page load times can boost conversions by 7%!

So what are the most important steps eCommerce businesses should take to improve site performance?

6 eCommerce Site Performance Expert Tips

1. Use a Quality Web Host for a Solid Foundation

From our perspective, the most important facet of your eCommerce website is the foundation behind it – your web host. Your infrastructure plays a major role in uptime and speed for your website, which translates into reputation and trust for your customers. If you aren’t online, you can get sales.

2. Utilize Product Images Optimized for Fast Load Times

In a previous blog, we’ve detailed a steps your IT team can use to properly optimize images for your website. Optimized images allow pages to load faster, a decrease in visitor bounce rate, which means more conversions to sales.

3. Leverage Browser Caching to Ensure Visitors See Content Quickly

Another frequently missed optimization site owners make is not leveraging browser caching to deliver content as quickly as possible. Again, we cannot stress strongly enough that improving site speed plays a major impact in improving conversions and decreasing cart abandonment.

4. Compress Your Files & Resources & Speed Up Content Delivery

Compressing files with gzip compression is an important step your IT team should take to reducing file sizes and speeding up content downloads.

5. Optimize for Mobile Devices & Allow Visitors To Shop Anywhere

In addition to simply speeding up your eCommerce site, you also need make sure your IT team has optimized it for mobile – an ever-growing platform for eCommerce sales.

6. Utilize a Content Delivery Network & Ensure Your Site Loads Quickly Around the Globe

We’ve often recommended a content delivery network as an excellent solution your IT team should consider to solve page load issues. Content Delivery Networks allow static content to be cached at nodes around the globe, and that content can then be served more quickly to your global audience from the nearest node, instead of from the data center or on-prem server where your website is actually housed.

Increase Conversions with Optimization

From image optimization to file compression, there are plenty of tweaks your IT team can make to improve your website performance and increase conversion rates. However, if you don’t have a solid web host backing your site up, your business is doomed from the start.

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