8 WordPress Plugins You Never Knew Your Blog Needed Until Now

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There are hundreds of articles that share the best WordPress plugins for bloggers.

We even wrote one.

Most of the articles cover the same plugins over and over. Here are a few lesser-known plugins you may not have heard of. Once you see them, you’ll need them.

8 WordPress Plugins You New Knew Your Blog Needed Until Now

Here are 8 WordPress plugins you never knew your blog needed until this very moment:

1. Related Posts For WordPress

If you want to display robust related content automatically at the end of your blog posts, Related Posts For WordPress is the solution you’ve been looking for. It builds its own content relationships, which means that no matter how you’ve categorized and tagged your posts, the plugin will find the best-related content to display. Plus, if you want more control, you can modify relationships from the post edit screen and you’re not limited to related blog posts. You can also link to related pages or products.

2. Duplicate Post

If you’ve ever wished that you could duplicate an existing post so you didn’t have to start from scratch, this plugin is what you need. Duplicate Post allows you to clone WordPress posts of any type or copy them to new drafts for further editing.

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3. Imsanity

If you like to blog on the go and don’t always have time to crops and resize images before uploading them to your website, you need Imsanity. If you have a multi-author blog and lots of people are uploading images to the site, you also need Imsanity. This plugin allows users to upload images of any size because it resizes it to the maximum you allow automatically.

Designing pages with maps or images

4. WP Google Maps

If you ever blog about restaurants, retail shops, or specific locations and have wanted to include a Google map but struggled to create the map, WP Google Maps has you covered. This map building WordPress plugin is simple and easy to use, and it lets you control the look for the map using themes and markers. Google Maps Streetview is even supported.

5. Content Aware Sidebars

If you’ve ever wished that you could change your sidebar content based on the page, the post, or category or tag, Content Aware Sidebars makes it happen. This plugin lets you create as many contextual sidebars as you need, customizing the widgets and content in each one to perfectly fit its location on your website. This is perfect for displaying different ads on different parts of your website, not displaying sidebar ads in one part of your site, or changing the call to action or lead magnet based on the page or post.

6. WP Rocket

If you’re a WordPress blogger, you need to have caching enabled to keep your site running fast. WP Rocket is a powerful caching plugin that launches page caching immediately upon activation. The plugin also improves page load speeds by only loading images as a visitor scrolls down the page and minifying your HTML, JavaScript and CSS files. Because the WP Rocket crawler simulates a visit to preload the cache, the indexing of your website by search engines is instantly improved too.

caching improves page load speeds

7. Force Strong Passwords

If you run a multi-author blog and authors have their own account login for your website, eventually you’re going to have to deal with their passwords—and you don’t want to risk getting hacked because an author used a password like 123456. Use Force Strong Passwords to improve the security of your WordPress website by making every password a strong one.

8. All In One Schema Rich Snippets

Have you seen other blogger’s listings in the search engine results lists and wondered how they got star ratings, photos, ingredients, author, and other information to show up? The answer is providing search engines the exact schema data they need. If you want your site listing to use these rich snippets too, you need All In One Schema Rich Snippets that supports schema types like Review, Events, Recipes, Article, Products, and Services, etc.

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