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Key points

  • VMware Private Cloud is a cloud computing solution that enables organizations to create and manage their own private cloud infrastructure using VMware's virtualization technology.
  • Benefits of VMware Private Cloud include increased security, compliance, scalability, high availability, improved performance, cost savings, and better resource utilization.
  • VMware Private Cloud is ideal for companies that want greater control over their environment but need more resources and expertise to monitor, optimize, and manage the cloud infrastructure.
  • Some of the factors you should take into consideration when choosing a VMware Private Cloud hosting provider consist of customer support, security, and expert knowledge.
  • Liquid Web’s VMware Private Cloud includes enterprise-grade infrastructure, predictable pricing, on-demand provisioning, DDoS protection, high-performance NetApp SAN storage, disaster recovery tools, and Acronis backups.

When planning to accelerate your business's time to market, achieve digital transformation goals, and meet customer needs, moving to a VMware private cloud can be a game changer. 

VMware private cloud is a high-performing, isolated cloud environment that enables you to efficiently manage your resources and workloads while keeping your data secure. 

But are the benefits worth building a private cloud with VMware? If you’re wondering if it’s the right fit for your business, we’re here to help. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of VMware private cloud and provide tips on what to look for when choosing a VMware private cloud host like Liquid Web.

What is VMware Private Cloud?

VMware is a premiere cloud computing and virtualization package that supports a variety of deployments. It supports both private and public cloud options, as well as multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

With VMware Private Cloud, resources and infrastructure are reserved solely for your company’s use. If you opt for this configuration, you can be sure that your data and applications are completely isolated from those of other users. Plus, when you build a private cloud on VMware, it can be tailored to suit your specific needs and requirements. 

VMware Private Cloud can be deployed internally using your own servers or on third-party infrastructure. If you implement this system in-house, you’ll need a deep understanding of VMware’s intricate functionalities to oversee the system’s complex operations. 

So, what’s the difference between public and private cloud in VMware? 

Public vs. private VMware cloud

A public cloud running on VMware is managed by a cloud services provider with data from multiple clients sharing servers. Since the infrastructure is shared among multiple users, you might experience performance drops if one of your neighbors uses up too much resources. 

Poor data security measures from another tenant might also put your data at risk. 

With a VMware private cloud solution, server resources are dedicated to a single user — you. It’s the difference between having a messy roommate and having your own place. This means that you can have more control over the performance and security of your infrastructure as well as better predictability for your workloads.

Benefits of VMware Private Cloud

Mware private cloud offers many benefits to companies regardless of size or hosting requirements.

A VMware private cloud solution optimizes dedicated servers in multiple locations. As such, companies can enjoy more efficient resource utilization, increased security, and meet compliance requirements. Other benefits include cost savings and improved performance. 

Increased security

In contrast to shared public servers, VMware Private Cloud isolates your data and applications from other users to minimize cloud security risks. 

Moreover, a VMware private cloud environment offers additional security measures such as encryption and firewall options. You have far greater security control and the ability to implement security solutions of your choice.


Maintaining regulatory compliance is crucial for organizations, especially those that handle sensitive data. Private cloud infrastructure from a quality host like Liquid Web helps you adhere to stringent laws and regulations, such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and GDPR, reducing your risk of costly fines and other legal issues.

PCI-DSS fines are often large, sometimes reaching millions of dollars. The actual amount depends on the situation, such as the number of people affected and the size of the business.


Another benefit of VMware Private Cloud is that it’s scalable. You can scale resources up and back down to meet demand. Flexible scaling is particularly helpful for businesses that experience seasonal spikes in demand. 

For instance, an ecommerce business can quickly scale up its computing resources during holiday seasons and special events like Black Friday to accommodate the increased traffic and then scale back down during slower times.

The scalability of VMware Private Cloud allows you to adapt to changing demands quickly and efficiently without incurring unnecessary costs. 

High availability 

Downtime is always the enemy of business, and VMware Private Cloud offers options for stronger uptime protections. VMware High Availability (HA) ensures that in the event of server failure, processes on any impacted virtual machines will automatically restart on other production servers with spare capacity. 

Setting up a high availability system on-premises can often be complex and expensive. However, Liquid Web does the work for you by building VMware private clouds on HA infrastructure and backs it up with a 100% network uptime guarantee.

With Liquid Web, you can have peace of mind knowing that your applications are running on fully redundant enterprise-grade hardware. Also, this hardware has automatic failover, ensuring uninterrupted service and minimal downtime. 

Improved performance

When you opt for VMware Private Cloud, you get access to dedicated cloud resources that ensure you don't have to worry about noisy neighbors and bad roommates. What this essentially means is that you can enjoy consistent performance at all times without being impacted by other users who may be sharing the same physical hardware (like in a public cloud setting).

Choosing a provider who builds on enterprise-level infrastructure helps ensure you have the resources you need and the flexibility to choose technical specifications to fit your project. For instance, Liquid Web offers 10 GB networking, NetApp SAN storage, and servers in multiple locations.

A private cloud built on VMware can handle even the most demanding workloads.

Cost savings

One of the most significant benefits of VMware Private Cloud is its cost-effectiveness. It lets businesses avoid significant upfront hardware and software investments, reducing their caPEX

For budget-conscious small businesses that lack the workforce or resources to invest in expensive hardware, this can mean the difference between a powerful online presence or struggling to gain traction online. 

Plus, with a managed private cloud hosting solution, you can outsource server management tasks to the cloud provider, which helps businesses of all sizes reduce ongoing maintenance expenses so your IT team can focus on revenue-generating activities. 

Better resource utilization

Virtualization enables you to maximize available resources and avoid underused servers. Virtualized infrastructure helps reduce costs by reducing extra equipment purchases as well. 

By managing your resources effectively, you can divert your attention towards innovation and accelerate your time to market.

Who is VMware Private Cloud ideal for?

VMware Private Cloud is ideal for companies that want greater control over their environment but need more resources and expertise to monitor, optimize, and manage the cloud infrastructure. 

By utilizing VMware Private Cloud through a quality provider like Liquid Web, companies can enjoy the benefits of a private cloud setup while keeping costs low.

What to look for in a VMware private cloud hosting provider

When choosing VMware cloud hosting, consider factors such as security and customer support.

If you are considering a private cloud running on VMware, you need to know what to look for in a VMware private cloud service provider. Your chosen provider should meet specific criteria to ensure you reap the benefits of VMware Private Cloud. Some of the factors you should take into consideration include customer support, security, and expert knowledge. 

Customer support

When you opt for Liquid Web, you can access industry-leading customer support.

The VMware private cloud host you choose should offer around-the-clock support via multiple channels. Things sometimes break, and every minute your website is down can result in revenue loss, reputational damage, decreased productivity, and unpleasant customer experiences. 

At Liquid Web, you’ll get assistance from our team of experts. We offer 24/7 IT support, and you can expect a response in 59 seconds or less via phone and chat.


While cloud computing offers many benefits, effectively securing it remains a top challenge among businesses. For instance, according to a Thales 2023 report, 55% of professionals say that securing data in the cloud has become more complicated. 

So, a hosting partner with strong security measures is vital. This can include access to custom security controls and encryption. Physical security controls like motion-detecting security cameras at server locations are also essential.

Expert knowledge

Moving data and apps from an on-premises setup to the cloud requires a specific set of skills and expertise that your in-house IT team may lack.  

Research conducted by Pluralsight found that only 8% of professionals have substantial experience in cloud technologies. Make sure that the VMware host you choose has a deep understanding of VMware technologies. 

Since Liquid Web offers a fully managed service, we’ll do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. You’ll get a secure, scalable, and highly available virtual environment without the costs of managing your own onsite infrastructure.

Final thoughts: 7 major benefits of VMware Private Cloud

By leveraging the power of VMware’s private cloud platform technology, you can streamline business operations, manage your budget and resources more efficiently, and keep up with the demands of a rapidly changing technological landscape.

Liquid Web’s VMware Private Cloud includes enterprise-grade infrastructure. Plus, we’ll help you move your applications to the cloud and handle the behind-the-scenes maintenance.

You’ll also get predictable pricing, on-demand provisioning, DDoS protection, high-performance NetApp SAN storage, disaster recovery tools, and Acronis backups.

If you have further questions, our team of experts is on hand to help you.

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