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Women in Technology: Becki Pahl

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Liquid Web’s Business Intelligence Analyst on what inspires her, finding herself in technology, and the power of making the world a bit better for someone else.

Women in Technology - Becki Pahl
“I want people to be happy,” says Becki Pahl. “I enjoy trying to do everything I can to turn someone’s experience around.”

There’s a lot about Becki Pahl that makes her Becki Pahl.

An avid crafter, she is the proud owner of a t-shirt that reads, In my defense, I was left unsupervised. “I bought the shirt in reference to my crafting, but it’s true for my work, too,” says Pahl. “Many projects I end up working on are things that I’ve stumbled across and wanted to take a closer look at.”

That she is inquisitive in this way is unsurprising— Pahl loves to read. She enjoys fiction, sci-fi, and fantasy, specifically Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

But the aspect of her personal life that is most indicative of the type of curiosity, teamwork, and enthusiasm that she brings to Liquid Web is this: Becki Pahl loves a good board game. “Resource management, strategy, problem-solving, thinking outside the box— these are skills that I put to use every day,” she says.

This love of board games, their social aspect and ability to bring people together, also speaks to Pahl’s other passion— making people happy. The Lansing native is right at home as a Customer Advocate for Liquid Web. “I want people to be happy,” she says. “So I work hard to ensure that, whether that’s finding the right solution for a customer, stepping into a sticky situation to smooth out rough patches, or surprising my boss because I put together a report before she could ask me to. I enjoy trying to do everything I can to turn someone’s experience around.

Having now worked in technology for eight years, this has been a career path that, for Pahl, was a happy accident. As an undergraduate student, she picked up a retail job in order to help cover the cost of classes. Just as she began work there, the company began to offer computer repairs. “All the associates were taught the basics of computer repair,” she says. “After a few months, I realized that I really enjoyed what I was doing. It was a fun challenge to see what customers could bring me day-to-day.”

After sinking her teeth into computer repair, Pahl joined the sales team at Liquid Web. “It was an equally challenging job, working with customers to find the correct configurations for them, while also learning more and more about the technology that powers our world,” she says.

Now, Becki Pahl brings her passions and diverse skill sets to Liquid Web in the role of Customer Advocate, which includes reaching out to customers, keeping track of data, and sifting through that data to find answers to ensure that Liquid Web customers are— Pahl’s ultimate goal— happy. Currently, her work includes serving as the point of contact for customers testing Liquid Web’s revamped Management Portal. “I listen to feedback, relay that feedback to the relevant personnel, then communicate any changes to the customers. It’s been an awesome experience and I’m excited to see the finished product when it’s done!”

The inspiration behind Pahl’s hard work, cheery disposition, and curiosity are her parents, both diligent workers with a love for volunteering. “My dad worked as a police officer and lawyer, then moved up to be the magistrate for our county,” she says. “He was able to get through every day and come home with a smile on his face and tell silly stories about his job. He also volunteered his time with many groups. Even now that he’s retired he has something like 4 jobs he still works, and numerous groups he volunteers with.” Pahl’s mother worked for the Post Office, and then the local Sheriff’s Department. An anecdote Pahl enjoys telling is that she and her mother applied for the same job with the Sheriff’s Department. “My mom got the job instead of me!” she says. “My mom, like my dad, often gives her time and energy to a number of groups. She’s always on the move!”

Having grown up seeing hard work and passion, Pahl strives for that herself and loves to see it in those she works with. “I love seeing what other people are passionate about,” she says. “Even if it’s something that I don’t understand, I love to watch people’s eyes light up and how animated they become when talking about something they love.”

If she could pass along advice to people interested in technology, Pahl says that the best thing to do is ignore any naysayers and just jump in. “Especially for women in technology, there are going to be people who question your credentials, tell you how wrong you are, and ask whether you really know what you’re doing. Ignore them and don’t let them get in your head. You got this, and I believe in you.”

And, she says, be kind. “Build each other up. It’s so easy to make someone’s day brighter.”

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