Wade Wachs

Wade Wachs is the former Director of Information and Analytics at Liquid Web. Wade has 15 years of experience working with software development teams. In five short years at Liquid Web, Wade was able to implement two BI platforms, collaborate inter-departmentally to design processes and systems to generate actionable data, and has built trust with the executive team to rely on the information provided for crucial business decisions made on a daily basis.

An Overview of Legacy Software and Systems

Find out what legacy software and systems are, the top issues that plague software owners, and steps to move your application into the cloud.
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An Overview of CRM Databases: Definition, Maintenance, & Integration

Discover what CRM is and how it can benefit your business. Find the best free software options with Liquid Web.
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How Can Business Intelligence Help Your Business Grow?

Business Intelligence helps drive action using data analytics by improving business leaders' understanding on how to efficiently achieve business goals.
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What Is InterWorx?

InterWorx is a control panel for your server and sites. It provides tools to configure your web server, email, domains, and websites.
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