Thomas Hester

Welcome Cloud Sites Customers!

We have some very exciting news to share with our Cloud Sites customers. As you may have seen from last summer’s press release, Liquid Web acquired the Cloud Sites platform and business operations from Rackspace. I wanted to officially welcome you to the Liquid Web family and explain what this means to you. About Liquid […]

MariaDB 10.1 is now available!

MariaDB 10.1 is a drop in replacement for MySQL 5.5 and is available when creating new databases. It brings with it a lot of new features and optimizations to help speed up queries! Previously, Cloud Sites was going to update users to MariaDB 10 but with 10.1 available and stable for the platform. All ORD […]

Configuring Mailgun for Your Website

Mailgun is an innovative way to send bulk mail from your application. With their simple pricing model you are given 50,000 emails for free every month. Why not take advantage of that and configure your site to send more reliably? Below is an overview on configuring Mailgun for your website. Login to using the same […]

The Importance of Updating Software

It’s happening again. That pesky pop-up message telling you to update your software is staring at you, begging for you to make a choice: update or “remind me later”. What do you do? You choose the ever tempting “remind me later”, but we all know what that means. That’s why we are here to tell […]