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Neil Golden

Neil contributed to solving the complex puzzle of evolution for a long time by obtaining his Ph.D. in Archaeology. These days, he digs the Linux servers in his role within the Liquid Web Monitoring Department instead of Paleolithic stone tools in the caves on archaeological sites. Instead of mammoths, he is now hunting for bugs on Linux servers. He has written numerous scientific and technical articles because writing is one of his biggest passions. In his free time, Neil composes music, reads novels, and travels the world.

SSD cloud server: What is it, and how does it work?

Wondering what an SSD cloud server is? Liquid Web’s guide explores how it works and its many benefits, such as faster data access and better scalability.
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Network Security vs Cybersecurity: Differences and Similarities

Explore the roles of network security and cybersecurity in our digital world. Learn their differences and collaborative strategies essential for a secure digital future.
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Guide to NVMe Dedicated Servers

Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) drives are faster than their competitors and, as such, can be a great component for web servers. Learn more.
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Why You Need Dedicated Hosting for Your Online Store

Dedicated server hosting can help to keep your eCommerce site secure and running smoothly. Learn more about our dedicated server hosting from Liquid Web.
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6 Steps for a Successful DRaaS Implementation

Implementing a successful DRaaS solution can be tricky. Follow these steps to ensure your business is fully protected.
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What Is a Database Management System (DBMS), and What Does It Do?

A database management system (DBMS) is software that enables you to store, download, add, edit, and delete data files.
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NVMe vs SSD: What They Are & How They Differ

NVMe vs SSD drives: Which one is right for you? Compare speed, power consumption, and security features to make an informed decision.
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What is Two-Factor Authentication?

What exactly is two-factor authentication, and why do you need it? Find out the 5 types, which is most secure, and how to set it up today.
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How To Secure a Server in 10 Steps

Secure your servers to maintain uptime and keep your data safe with these server security best practices and tools used at Liquid Web.
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