Michael Pruitt

Michael Pruitt is a Support Systems Administrator for Nexcess. He brings over a decade of experience to his current role. When not working, Michael can be found officiating roller derby bouts.

Nexcess and Liquid Web: A Synergistic Partnership

Discover how Liquid Web and Nexcess complement each other in delivering high-quality web hosting and support. Find the perfect hosting solution for your business needs.
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What Is Lemmy Software, and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

Learn about What Is Lemmy Software, and Why Is Everyone Talking About It? today with Liquid Web.
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Migration to Management: Benefits of Database Modernization

Data modernization means moving data from legacy databases to modern databases. Learn more about the benefits of data modernization.
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What Is Data Privacy in Healthcare?

Healthcare data privacy entails a set of regulations to ensure only authorized users see patient data and medical information.
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10 Impossible Challenges to Tackle in Supply Chain Management

Here are 10 challenges your company may face in server hardware supply chain management and how Liquid Web solves with Managed Hosting.
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10 Ways to Optimize Images On Your Website

Get the most out of your website images with these 10 tips. Plus - learn how to use WebP for optimal performance.
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