Katie Elenberger

All in. Go-getter. Laughs the loudest. Katie excels at developing comprehensive solutions through strategy, design and messaging that cuts through the clutter and connects with target audiences as the founder and creative brand strategist at Spark27 Creative. Critical design thinking and dedication to developing high-quality strong concepts have earned her recognition in her field and 16 American Advertising Awards for design. Katie’s enthusiasm for her work is contagious and she will naturally coach you through any process or project. Clients have noted creative talents and outcomes, personality and easy-going nature, and a general feeling that she is an extension of staff as just a few reasons why they love to work with her.

Crucial Client Retention Strategies to Grow your Business

Implementing client retention strategies prepares your business for growth, provides measurable long-term success, and allows you to have a deeper understanding of a brand without being an in-house employee. Importantly, it also provides you and your business with the stability and security to have a steady income. Combine this with attracting new high-quality clients and […]

Proven Ways For Attracting New High-Quality Clients

One of the things many business owners struggle with is attracting new high-quality clients. It isn’t a secret that word-of-mouth referrals are the strongest way to build a business. I have gone from in-house to freelance, to now running a full-service boutique agency built on strong relationships and referrals. My current clients always recommend new leads that […]