Jake Wright

Jake Wright has been immersed in computers for a majority of his career and is still fascinated in learning new technology. He's provided support in many IT related fields, including: end user support, networking, hardware, server and system administration, web hosting and training (just to name a few). He greatly enjoys outdoor activities with family and friends when he is not at the keyboard.

A how-and-why guide to dedicated game server rental

Liquid Web breaks down the key aspects of dedicated game server rentals to help you make an informed decision on optimizing your gaming experience.
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Exploring the world of hybrid and multi-cloud solutions

Unlock the secrets to effective hybrid and multi-cloud management and best practices for implementation. Explore their key differences, benefits, and use cases.
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Data centers in the cloud era: What you need to know

Dive into the evolution & future trends of data centers in the cloud era. Gain knowledge on scalability, cost-effectiveness, & flexibility of cloud data centers.
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What is Managed Hosting Support?

Find out what managed hosting support is, who would benefit most from using it, and what those benefits are.
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What is Virtualization? Definition, Types, & Top Benefits

Find out what virtualization is, the 6 types of virtualization used, & the top business benefits realized by virtualizing your environment.
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How to Implement the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Today

Find out what the NIST cybersecurity framework is, why you need it, and best ways to implement and use the framework today.
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When to Transition to Cloud-Based Data Centers

With today's security threats and demands on infrastructure increasing, leaders need to have a firm grasp on when to transition to cloud-based data centers.
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