Juan Castro

April 24 2017 Release Details – (Control-Layer: IPAPI)

Detailed information about this release for Control-Layer IPAPI for Cloud Sites:   New Feature: SSL Intermediate Chain Validation introduction. Since the initial release, the primary validation of SSL certificates required that the certificate signer itself had to be on the Mozilla’s list of valid certificate providers. Since several customers came across an issue where the […]

Out from under the shadow (Control-Layer: IPAPI)

Developers Blog: A little history about Cloud Sites backend. For many years Cloud Sites was driven by a proprietary layer on top of a Enterprise Service Bus(ESB) that maintained the veins of a complex provisioning architecture. After years of gradual modification, the code attained a life of its own. While it was still manageable, the […]

Password Strength – It’s Important

Password strength is a measure of the effectiveness of a password in order to resist guessing, brute-force attacks, or other system breach tactics. Malicious actors evolve in their tactics and try various strategies to gain access to encoded systems. Therefore, it is no surprise; strong passwords are a minimum “must” in today’s complex internet world! […]