Jeremy Sorensen

Jeremy Sorensen started his career with Liquid Web eight years ago and has never looked back. As a product manager for Managed Hosting, Jeremy has accumulated a wealth of knowledge via his past roles in sales and training in web hosting. He also has a deep passion for technology, especially in hosting, and offering the best solutions to meet business needs is what excites him most. In his free time, you can catch him gaming, exercising, traveling, or taking some drone photography. And his most favorite pastime is spending time with his dog, Rex.

What Are Dedicated Game Servers?

Dedicated gaming servers are hosting setups that enable players to create and customize an online gaming environment. Learn about dedicated game server hosting.
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DDoS Game Protection: How to Protect & How to Avoid Attacks

What is a DDoS in gaming? How does a DDoS happen? How can you protect yourself and get DDoS Protection for your gaming setup? Get the guide.
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How to Create Your Own Minecraft Gaming Server

Want to set up a multiplayer server for Minecraft? Learn how to set up your own Minecraft Gaming server with our guide!
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What is Dedicated Virtual Server Hosting?

Unlike virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated virtual server hosting only has one client hosted on each server. Learn more about dedicated server virtualization.
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What is a Dedicated Server and How Do They Work?

What are dedicated servers? They provide full control over server configurations and reliable user experience for websites with intensive traffic demands. Find out how they can benefit your website.
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